Farmers invented flood warning column with signal fireworks

There are three types of columns when flooding or flooded roads will have lights, horns and signal fireworks to alert people.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh (60 years old in Bac Giang) is the author of the invention of flood warning column by signal fireworks . Mr. Thanh's solution with the desire to overcome the limitations of existing flood warning devices is to use radio waves, via SMS or by camera.

The solutions have required a lot of attached systems such as receivers, radio broadcasting equipment information such as marine radios, loudspeaker systems . so the economic cost is high, not timely time. There are times when information is incorrectly reported due to local rain, local flooding in the upstream but it is unlikely that floods in the downstream . So Mr. Thanh's solution is considered more convenient because it depends Each position will have different warnings. Each column costs only a few million.

Picture 1 of Farmers invented flood warning column with signal fireworks
Warning column installed at road sections often flooded.(Photo: TD).

The author has designed a column with a column-mounted electrical circuit (power source is a solar battery) and installs warning devices . On the warning columns with additional information storage, every time will issue a status warning, water parameters at the position of burying the column. Interested people and managers can look up on computers and smartphones to monitor flooding.

The column is made of metal or non-metal, with a technical box to install the equipment (battery and battery charging system, solar battery, whistle, cannula, conductor, pine storage) believe). Column foot is poured concrete, submerged water mark is taken from the ground at the position to bury the column as a standard to announce flood level.

  • The first type to warn about high levels of danger such as flood pipes, flash floods, dyke breaks, tsunamis . will only install the main warning signal by signal fire. That is, when the water flooded to a position that identified the signal fire, it would shoot high with sound and light to help the people know at the position of burying the column and around the rising water. How high does the water fire up there. Columns to be buried under the system along the route often occur or there is a risk of flooding. The higher the signal fireworks signal, the farther the warning range, the tens or tens of kilometers from the position of the signal fired by the flooded water.
  • The second type of column is used to warn specific water levels for overflows, flooded sections. Wherever the submerged column reaches the display panel will indicate the depth of water flooded there, helping traffic participants know the level of danger through the roads, underground flooding. This type of column is suitable for installation in provinces and cities or flooded by flood tide and flood.
  • The third column is designed to combine the above two types, including lamps and signaling. The lights on the column are designed as traffic lights with blue, red, yellow, horned, speakers help many people know more easily.

The warning column works on the principle that, when the water is submerged, the surge water reaches the insulating bars with the contact points attached, which will close the circuit for different level warning devices. Depending on the level of flooded water, the surge will generate different warnings.

When the water recedes, the warning system also reports the depth of flooded water in the opposite direction until the water withdraws completely, the foot of the column does not have water, the system stops reporting. The battery is always charged by the solar battery, dark lights automatically turn on and daytime turns off automatically, the column now acts as a street light.

Picture 2 of Farmers invented flood warning column with signal fireworks
Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh (third from left) received the 2018 Patent Competition on April 25.

The solution has recently been awarded with the encouragement of the 2018 Patent Contest by the Ministry of Science and Technology (the National Office of Industrial Property), in coordination with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). ), The General Department of Korean Intellectual Property (KIPO) organized.

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