Flies sit on us just to ... vomit and poop?

A very simple and common question: What do flies do when perching on us? If you pass on food, you understand that they are eating. But if they land on us, are they vomiting and pooping on us?

First of all, it must be stated that this is the "house fly" , called by the scientists in the world by the scientific name Musca domestica . This kind of fly we can see almost everywhere in the world, wherever there is human life, especially for those who make a barbecue that is certainly no stranger. The "natural" flies glide over the table, walk through the salad plates, and try to taste the sandwich, do you dare to " let it go" ? And then, those flies landed on you. You might wonder what they are doing when they land on you? It really is a concern, curiosity can understand.

Picture 1 of Flies sit on us just to ... vomit and poop?

First, solve the first concern - does the fly vomit on you? The answer will surprise you: Flies are vomiting, and they do it quite often. Unfortunately for flies, they are not made to chew hard foods. Most insects that eat hard food - such as beetles - have a mouth structure that can chew food, which is to make it smaller to ease digestion. Instead, flies with tongues are like sponges.

Flies taste food with their feet , so they have no choice but to walk on their food (and ours). At that time, reflex flies will stick their tongue out and lick at food to discover. But how can flies eat meat, or any kind of solid food? Flies pick up food digested enzymes by vomiting, vomiting a little saliva and food in the body. Enzymes begin to break down solid food, gradually turning it into a small patch that flies can handle.

Now remember when you were sick or drunk. If you vomit constantly, you may be dehydrated, so you have to drink lots of fluids to make up for lost water. Flies are no different. This "liquidified" diet makes flies need lots of water. And when you drink lots of water, you know! So do flies, they will need to defecate many times.

As such, we were able to answer the question - are flies and pooping when they land on you? That's right, but not all the beans on you, they're vomiting and pooping. Because, depending on how the fly thinks you are their food or not. If the fly receives the message from its feet, that " hmm, this person smells very attractive to the fly, taste it" , you will be able to get sick with flies and poop on you.