For the first time, scientists have successfully implemented quantum shifts between two chips

We do not fully understand quantum mechanics or quantum entanglement (what Albert Einstein called 'remote bizarre activity'), yet we still apply it to achieve technological breakthroughs, so that is new. ! On the last day of last year, scientists achieved a new achievement: for the first time, they were able to successfully quantum transition between two computer chips.

The breakthrough means that scientists can now transfer information between two chips without wires, taking advantage of quantum entanglement - linking the two particles so they can transfer data through the air. Although this success has only occurred in the laboratory, there is no denying the potential of a new breakthrough.

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Scientists have taken advantage of quantum entanglement - linking two particles to be able to transmit data through the air.

' Under laboratory conditions, we were able to show a high quality quantum entanglement link between two chips, two photons in two separate chips that showed the same quantum state, ' the physicist said. quantum theorem Dan Llewellyn from Bristol University, UK said. ' Each chip is programmed to perform a series of tasks, taking advantage of the quantum entanglement state of the particle. '

In theory, the two particles could be entangled quantum no matter how far away, at two chips a few meters apart or at either end of the Universe. Once they are tangled, just determining the state of a particle will know the state of the other particle.

To achieve this breakthrough, the team created multiple pairs of quantum entangled photons, encoded quantum information into them, ensuring that information was accurate and did not affect the quantum state of the particle.

' The locomotive test is when we conduct an instantaneous transfer of information between two chips, when the quantum state of the particle is transmitted between the two chips as soon as we conduct quantum measurement, ' says Professor Llewellyn to speak.

Subsequent testing of the team showed that the information reached 91% accuracy.

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Photo of "quantum entanglement".

Increasingly, we are seeing more and more breakthroughs in quantum computing, more specifically finding ways to take advantage of quantum entanglement, but the nature of it is still the same: it is difficult to control quantum entanglement at will . Systems that operate the signal transmission through quantum entanglement are still cumbersome, not to mention expensive.

But breakthroughs like today's research make us happy for a quantum future: when everyone can own the power of quantum computing in their hands, surf the web on an absolutely secure Internet. , signaling without interference.

The new research will also help quantum physics to shake hands with silicon chip technology that's inherent in every electronics.

' In the future, just a silicon chip with a quantum photon device, still using the same control technology as in a classical computer, will open the door to a quantum communication system and throughput. ", quantum physicist Jianwei Wang, who is working at Peking University, said.

The research is published in Nature Physics.

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