Going for a walk, the couple discovered a strange 'face'

The girl was startled when she spotted one

The ocean is always full of surprises. If you go to the sea to go diving or simply go for a walk on the sandy beach, remember carefully, when you see strange things, absolutely do not act impulsively, without thinking or will bring your body to the body .

Recently, an American couple while walking on the beach to enjoy the romantic sunset suddenly found a strange thing.

Picture 1 of Going for a walk, the couple discovered a strange 'face'
The strange, unpleasant "face" is mysteriously under the sand.

The girl was startled when she discovered a mysterious, unpleasant "face" under the sand. Taking all the courage, both steps came and realized, this frightening face was very much like a human face, with two big round eyes, also with sharp teeth.

Thinking that he had met a bizarre creature, the two feared not to go on, hurrying back to the hotel.

Go back to the hotel and talk to the boss about the strange creature they just met, the couple receives the boss's approval. This person said, it is fortunate that the couple were not curious to touch the creature with that strange face.

This strange creature is called astrology fish . They are a predatory fish, when the tide recedes, these fish do not rush to immediately but hide in the sand, waiting for the light, gullible prey.

Although their appearance is ugly, they have a very good ability to hide, attack is relatively strong, fast, is considered quite intelligent. In particular, astrology fish can generate electricity, up to 50 volts.

When they feel dangerous, they will attempt to discharge electricity, making them fearful. People can be injured when bitten and discharged by this fish.

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