History of Hung Vuong's anniversary

The historical origins of the 10th anniversary of the death of the March 10 were very much interested and sought by many younger generations to learn whenever they come to Hung Vuong's death anniversary. Let's learn about the origin and meaning of this important historical event.

"No matter who goes backwards

Remember the First Anniversary of the 10th anniversary

All over the region, transmitting the verse

Young country still has thousands of years of non-domestic water "

This passionate love song went into the hearts of every Vietnamese person from generation to generation. For thousands of years, Hung Temple - where the origin of the nation and the country has always been a symbol of reverence, strictness gather and stick with the Vietnamese people. According to legend, Lac Long Quan and Au Co are considered as the Vietnamese Patriarchs, the parents of Hung Kings. The festival takes place on the 10th day of the third lunar month in Hung Temple, Viet Tri, Phu Tho. However, the festival actually took place from previous weeks with the customs such as stabbing (drumming) of the Muong ethnic group, pilgrimage to commemorate the Hung kings and ending on the 10th day of the third lunar month with Procession of palanquin and incense offering on Thuong Temple.

Picture 1 of History of Hung Vuong's anniversary
Image of the offering ceremony of Hung Temple incense incense in 1904. (Photo: Internet).

Since ancient times Hung Temple festival has a special place in the mind of Vietnamese people. The pearl version written in the Tran dynasty, in 1470 the reign of King Le Thanh Tong and the reign of King Le Kinh Tong in 1601, was stamped and sealed in Hung Temple, saying: ". From Trieu's house, Dinh's house, Le's house, the Ly and Tran came to our current Hong Duc Hau Le dynasty and still smoke incense in the temple in Trung Nghia village, the land that had been collected from the past and used for sacrifice remained unchanged . ". Thus, it can be understood that from the time of Lê Lê back to the dynasties, the Hùng Temple was managed in a straightforward way for the local people to look after, repair, worship, and make the Death Anniversary on March 10 of the lunar calendar. In return, they are exempted from paying 500 farm taxes, exempted from collecting and exempting them from military service.

In the Nguyen dynasty in the second year of Khai Dinh (1917), Phu Tho Le Trung Ngoc week presented the ceremony on the tenth day of the third lunar month to be the International day (National holiday, Quoc death). This was Hung Vuong's stela from the survey by Bui Ngoc Hoan, the patriarch of Phu Tho province, establishing the 15th year Bao Dai (1940) also located in Thuong Temple on Hung mountain, confirming: "Previously, the National Day In the second year of Khai Dinh (solar calendar in 1917), Phu Tho week, Le Trung Ngoc, had an official dispatch asking for a ceremony to set the 10th day of March every year as an international day. On the day of the 18th anniversary of Hung Vuong's death anniversary, the death anniversary (March 11) was celebrated by the local people. " From here on, Hung Vuong's death anniversary every 10 months of the third lunar month is formalized by law. After the August Revolution (1945), our Party and State were very interested in Hung Temple, President Ho Chi Minh, the leaders of the Party and the State all visited. The beautiful traditional tradition of his father, especially the moral "drinking water, remember the source" , immediately after the successful revolution, President Ho Chi Minh signed the Ordinance of State President No. 22 / SL - CTN on 18 months. 2 years 1946 for civil servants to rest on the 10th day of the third lunar month to participate in organizing activities of Hung Vuong's death anniversary - towards the origin of the nation.

Picture 2 of History of Hung Vuong's anniversary
Image of the ceremony offering incense of Hung Temple Temple in 1905. (Photo: Internet).

On the anniversary of the Death Anniversary in Binh Tuat (1946) - the first year of the new Government was established, Huynh Thuc Khang - Acting President gave a Vietnam National Map and a precious sword to report to the Group. First of all, the country was invaded and prayed for the ancestors to bless the national security, peace together to unite, defeat invaders, protect the territorial integrity of the country. President Ho Chi Minh visited Hung Temple twice (September 19, 1954 and August 19, 1962). Here he had the immortal saying: "The Hung Kings have built the country - my grandchildren must keep together." He also said: "Pay attention to protect, plant more flowers, add trees to the Hung Temple more solemn and beautiful, become a historical park for descendants to visit".

In 1995, the day of the Hung Vuong's death anniversary was recorded in the notice by the Secretariat as a major holiday of the year. The Culture - Information - Sports industry cooperates with functional branches to organize festivals within 10 days (from 1/3 to 10/3 lunar calendar).

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