Who is Mr. Tam Da 'Phuc-Loc-Tho' and what does it mean?

Tam Da is a good symbol that people always want to have in the hope of bringing luck, health and fortune. But the story and the meaning of Tam Da is less known.

We will understand more about Tam Da's meaning when understanding the story behind:

1. The Tam Da area

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There are up to 2 facts about Tam Da.(Illustration).

a. King of Yao and three wishes

The story of a king who loves people like children, on the occasion of the spring season went to enjoy to understand more about the situation of the state.
Where to go, the Emperor also received a warm welcome from the people. People praised the king for three things:
Firstly, I wish the King longevity, King Yao did not accept.

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People say the second thing: Please wish the king very rich, many fortune, the king also refused and said to avoid.

People wish to receive the third thing: Wishing the king to give birth to many sons, to bless the whole royal family.

The King of Yao still did not accept it, but on behalf of the court, he gave those blessings to three wishes: " Da Phuc, Da Loc, and Da Tho ", called " Tam Da " for all hundreds of them.

The king and his people did not dare to accept good things for themselves but turned it into a blessing for the hundreds of them.

Since then, Tam Da became a blessing to each other in the coming and spring holidays. Since then there was a statue of his father " Tam Da ".

b. Tam Da comes from 3 real characters

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Mr. Phuc descended on the proposal.

Phuc Loc Tho's image comes from three real people at three Chinese feudal dynasties:

Mr. Phuc

Mr. Phuc's real name is Quach Tu Nghi . Thua generals of the Tang Dynasty. He was originally a noble, possessing hundreds of acres of large fields, but throughout his life he joined the main court.

He lived very honestly, straight away, not because of honor and wealth, but lost his personality.

He was an impor- tant officer, so he was also poor. In exchange for his grandfather's home, the descendants proposed to swear. When he died, his children and grandchildren all had enough.

At the age of 83, he and his wife also "left " at the same time, were buried by their children.

Mr. Loc

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Mr. Loc held the gold bar.

His real name is Dau Tu Quan , acting as the official of the Tan dynasty. But Mr. Dau Tu Quan is an observer.

He enjoyed countless golds, jewels, of bribes of angels, bought mandarins, sold soles, ran crimes for himself, for children, for grandchildren, for relatives.

In his house, the reforms were as high as mountains. But what he lacks is the grandson. So he worries about being sad and dying.

Before he died, he could not close his eyes. He lamented: " Who is it for me to lay? Who keeps warm incense for the ancestors, for myself? "

Mr. Tho

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He took the first hand to hold the peach

Mr. Tho, named Dong Phuong Soc , made the Minister of Han Dynasty. Philosophy of making Dong Phuong Soc's mandarins is mandarin, it must take fortune.

Do not take fortune, do what you do for. He considered " political trade " the hardest trade, the biggest interest. But Mr. Dong Fang Soc is still a bureaucracy. Because he insisted on not receiving bribes, he only liked the king's fortune.

He was 125 years old. So the new man called him Mr. Tho. When I die, there are only four children in my life, and I die all.

2. The meaning of Tam Da

After the story, we find that people are often difficult to be fulfilled.

Having this one lost the other, 3 Mr. Tam Da is also the 3 biggest wishes that every person desires, but even so each of them has only one thing full of satisfaction.

Note that the Tam Da story does not mean that we learn bad things like bribery, indifferent living, dignity . that draw our own lessons to choose the right way to live.

Do mandarins but only wander for wealth, to die alone like Dau Tu Quan, or flattering, as sharp as Dong Phuong Soc, what is the fortune to do, what to do?

Your money, long life in the scorn of the people, do you want to? Or do you compete for profit and cause harm to those around you, will your fortune be durable?

Only by living well, for the right path to be human, will the fortune suddenly come.

The concept of life today is not only to live long, but also to live happily, healthy, useful life, but taking yin and yang as Dong Phuong Soc is not safe for your health and your family.

Happiness is our own creation, happiness is the feeling, the feeling, the important thing is the mood.

Tam Da is attached inseparably as the symbol of compensating and resonating for each other. It is what every person aspires to achieve.

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