Biography of hero Vu A Dinh

Hero of the Armed Forces Vu A Dinh, Mong ethnic group, was born on September 12, 1934 in De Chia village, Pu Nhung commune, Tuan Giao district, Lai Chau province (now Dien Bien province).

Vu A Dinh is the third son of Mr. Voc Anti Lau (born in 1899) and Mrs. Sung Thi Plây (born in 1901). The Vu A Dinh family is the revolutionary base of Tuan Giao district.

Father Vu A Dinh is a local Viet Minh cadre who was captured by the French colonialists and imprisoned at Son La prison. He was killed by the French colonialists in Son La prison in 1949. Mr. Vu Anti Lau was recruited by the Party and the State as a martyr on September 5, 1964.

A Stick's mother is Mrs. Sung Thi Plây - a local resistance base. During a raid on the enemy to Pu Nhung, suspected of assisting the Viet Minh, she was arrested with her father-in-law and seven children (sister and sister of Vu A Dinh) brought back to the village of Ban Ve. Thankfully, that day, Stick's brother, Chicken Chicken Lu, went to the mountain so he was not arrested. During the time she and her family were imprisoned at the village of Ban Ve, Vu A Dinh was dispatched by the unit to try to contact and grasp the enemy's situation in order to prepare the soldiers to attack. A Sticky has repeatedly contacted her mother. When she learned that the French enemy was about to send troops to fight the guerrilla area in Pu Nhung, she escaped from the camp to the forest to meet VOC A STAP. She also transferred to VOC A Stick more than 100 bullets stolen from the enemy. On the way back to the prison, a group of patrolmen discovered her. Although the examiner did not get anything, they suspected she contacted the Viet Minh, so she searched her imprisonment. The enemy discovered many bullets that she and her children and those detained in the camp stole French soldiers while working as servants. The enemy took all 22 people in the prison to shoot and die. Grandpa, mother, sister and children - 9 people in the VOC A Dinh family were shot dead. Ms. Sung Thi Plei was retained by the Party and the State for martyrs on October 14, 1964. Vu A Dinh's mother was given the title of Vietnam First Hero Mother of the Year by the President (in 1994) because of her husband, children and herself as a martyr.

Vu A Dinh was born and raised in a Mong family with a tradition of patriotism and revolution. From an early age, Sticky is a smart, brave and agile boy. Being educated by his parents, Vu A Dinh soon enlightened the revolution and hatred for the French invaders. Pu Nhung was always raided by the enemy on plundering, burning houses, catching people. So the villagers had to send guards to detect the enemy. Less than 13 years old, but Vu A Dinh has volunteered to be guarded like the older siblings. At that time, the French invaders did not go from Tuan Giao, but they secretly penetrated the Ban Ban forest to loot. When he found out that the enemy Vu A Dinh rushed to the village, he shouted and said, "There is a West!" There is a West man! '. The villagers rushed to the forest. A Stick rushes home to see if the mother and the children have gone to the forest to meet a group of soldiers. They went to arrest the bandits of the looters about their rumors. So they catch A Stick to follow them to carry them. A sticky bite tries to carry a basket of big pigs. Arriving at a slope next to the stream, A Keo intended to take advantage of this terrain to escape. He pretended to slip down the downhill piggy bank. Unfortunately for A Stick, rolling to the end of the slope he was stopped by a tree. The pig gab opened, the pig ran into the forest. The soldiers rushed down and beat and pulled Sticky to imprisoned at Ban Ve station. The head of the French commander ordered his subordinates: 'It lost the pig, it had to be killed'. When knowing that it would be early in the morning, that night, VOC A Stick invited Old Vov Sa in the Phieng Pi village to be imprisoned with him unloading the prison roof, crawling through many soup booths to escape.

13-year-old Vu A Dinh escaped from his family to become a contact member of the Tuan Giao district armed force. Vu A Dinh armed team operates in a very large area, from Dien Bien Chau to Tuan Giao and up to Chau Chua Pagoda. Footprints of Stick and armed team printed throughout the mountains and villages in the district. The armed forces were hidden, appeared in many villages to mobilize, help ethnic people stabilize their lives, build revolutionary mass organizations, secretly organize resistance, fight against French invasion.

The hard-fought life of Vu A Dinh is optimistic about life. Sticking to study and study well. Any time in the chest of Sticky's shirt stuffs a book to enlist. Stick learned to read and write fluently. Round face, sharp eyes, quick-witted limbs are images of a small, contemplative small soldier, A, in the eyes of the soldiers of the Tuan Giao armed team.

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The statue of Vu A Dinh was released on the 60th anniversary of the martyrs' death (2009).

The enemy reinforces the search to destroy the armed forces, so the unit must always move. To keep it secret, the enemy cannot detect it, where the unit of troops is usually located on high mountains, away from water. So life is extremely arduous. For months without a grain of salt, not a grain of rice. In order to have water for daily life, the unit of Stick has got an initiative to cut across the banana tree's trunk and cut the banana tree's gut to get water. Adhesive unit assigned to take charge of this water and Stick has done very cleverly, always ensure the unit has enough broth. Sticky's main task is to make communication. Every time you receive a task to contact, Stick is also intriguing, secure and safe before the specified time. The unit in the unit asked why Sticking the forest and going so well, Stick laughing innocently said: 'From a young age, I climbed the mountain, went fast, I knew my feet'. He has many times been assigned a secret task by the unit to take a connection with the establishment to receive salt, writing ink, needle, writing paper, cloth and medicine that fellow citizens went to the market to buy. Sticky's mother is also a trusted secret base, providing many supplies to such armed forces.

Believed that his mother and his family were imprisoned by the enemy at the village of Ban Ve, they were sad and loving their mother. Knowing that the unit prepared to attack the village of Ban Duu, Keo had requested to go down to the mountain to investigate the enemy's situation and by the way, find out information about the mother and the whole family. Once detained in the village of Ban Ban, so the way, the way back was quite attached. Therefore, Mr. Kien commanded the unit agreed to stick down the mountain. He advised Sticky to investigate. Stick like squirrel rushing down the mountain. Secretly escorted by Ban Da guerrilla to the cliff near the station to observe. For two days in a row, Mai still does not see people imprisoned out of the camp. Guessing the enemy must also let people take the water so early on Tuesday morning, Stick secretly made a water pipe and secretly hidden behind a rock next to the stream edge. When the people who were imprisoned and sent to the stream by soldiers were taken to the water, Sticky quickly mixed in and the enemy did not find out. That night, Stick was lying next to her mother and the children. Mom has provided many important news for Stick to the village. He even encourages and tells his mother and children not to declare the location of the revolutionary establishment. The next morning, Sticky farewell mother, sister and children, see you again. Returning to the unit, Stick had meticulously reported and redrawed the diagram of each enemy's defense position . The unit commanders found it dangerous not to stick to the enemy station but only tried to contact with mother outside.

And the next meeting of the mother and Sticking to the stream is the last meeting. Sticky Mother Sung Thi Plei was shot by the enemy shortly after the news meeting of Stick returned to the detention center with 22 other people.

In the middle of June 1949, the French invaders mobilized a total of troops from the area's garrison to assemble and destroy the armed forces of Vu A Dinh. Nearly a thousand troops flocked to Pu Nhung base from many roads. A group of enemy from Ban Du village under the command of a Western team secretly ambushed at the beginning of an abandoned village near Pu Nhung.

That day was misty, only a few steps away from each other without seeing each other. I just secretly met my mother back. Behind the back of Stick still wears in all the hundred bullets that my mother gave me. Stickman wet with mist. Because heaven spreads mist, it is very difficult to observe. Suddenly the stick fell into the ambush of the enemy without knowing. The West team knew this was a contact for guerrillas, he was happy. He asked: 'Where are you provinces?' (French invaders still call Viet Minh cadres in Lai Chau province as "Mr. Tinh "). A Stick calmly answered: 'Don't know!' The name of the West team roared: 'This bulletproof bag did you bring to the province to shoot us but you didn't know? Say it, I shot your head now. ' Stick still answered: 'Don't know!' The name of the West team does not keep calm, it bursts into hitting Sticky dust bag. The invaders beat each other brutally, beating A A until noon. Boring the enemy to ask, Stick still only answered the two words 'unknown!'. A merciless soldier took a gungun and broke a side of Stick's shin. Bruising, her lips were swollen, her legs were severely broken, but Sticking teeth, tears in her mouth, her mouth did not say a word. That night, the stick-tied enemy was under a peach in the middle of a cold, cold dew. The next day, the night after that, the enemy continued to torture and starve, leaving thirsty Stick among the forest. Vu A Dinh's bravery has frightened many puppet soldiers. On the morning of the third day after being arrested, the Western team name came to the front of VOC A Stick to seduce: 'Say a sentence I will give you a bandage, treat your broken leg, give you a good meal and a lot of money. Say, where is your province? ' The stick is still inert like stone without a word. The West man roared when he couldn't subdue a boy. It stewed away. The Thai, the Mong and the Xa were captured by the enemy and saw the spectacle of the sticky eyes. Suddenly Adhesive recognized a village man. Hastily texted in Mong language: 'The document bag I hid in the forest, message you to take it back'. Meeting someone you know Sticking like that in front of the guards.

The West team ordered the soldiers: 'This boy knows a lot of guerrillas. To let it go, you must die instead. ' At night they cut off four guards of A Stick.

Knowing how difficult it is to get past the enemy's cruel hand, the morning when the Western team just came to VOC A Stick pretended to nod: 'Knowing!' The name of the team shouted soldiers carrying milk, brought bread back but Stick only took a few sips of water. 'Make me a stretcher!' Stick said to the West team name.

After a day of sticking out, Stick caught his enemies and went all the way to the other forest, but still did not accept the position of the army. Walking around to the evening, Stick led them back to their original place of origin. A Stick looking up at the sky and hometown mountains, smiling. Knowing the trick, the West team roared. It discharged a magazine into VU A Stick's chest. Then he wrongly hung up Vu A's corpse. Sticked up an old peach tree. The enemy secretly ambushed many days here to catch our armed unit to bring the corpse back. That day was the evening of June 15, 1949. Vu A Dinh was valiantly sacrificed on the ancient peach tree at Khe Truc near the village Ban Ban, when he was not yet 15 years old.

After several days of ambush to welcome the revolutionary forces to appear unsuccessfully, the French soldiers were forced to withdraw their troops to Tuan Giao. Even at the night of Vu A Dinh's sacrifice, witnessing the glorious, heroic death of Vu A Dinh, more than ten puppet soldiers fled the enemy's ranks.

VOC A Stick was sacrificed in a standing posture without a trace of fear.

The life of a young contact soldier of the Tuan Giao armed team has closed but the indomitable loyal ambience of Vu A Dinh before the enemy as a torch glowing in the Northwest forest. Witnessing the glamorous example of Stick's sacrifice, the puppet soldiers and the people captured by the enemy talked about throughout Tuan Giao villages. In the kitchen of the pink fire in the Mong, Xa and Thai families throughout the Northwest, people are proud to tell their children about the indomitable sacrifice example of a Mong boy in Pu Nhung .

Later, the body of Stick was organized by our family and brought to burial at Pu Nhung.

After the victory of Dien Bien Phu in 1954, the soldiers of Tuan Giao district and the comrades of Keo and the local Party and government organizations brought the remains of martyrs Vo A Dinh to a grave at the martyr's cemetery in Tuan Giao district.

Now, according to National Highway No. 6 from Hanoi to Dien Bien, more than a kilometer from Tuan Giao township, we will see the Tuan Giao martyr's cemetery lying on the right hand on a small hill looking up to the direction of the Power. Record. Here, on the right, in front of the Martyrs Memorial, there are two graves larger than other martyrs' tombs. On the left is the grave of Hero Phung Phai Sinh (who is from the same commune Pu Nhung with Vuc A Dinh) and on the right is Vu A Dinh grave. At 9:00 am on July 11, 2005, the Young Pioneer newspaper, the Department of Science and Technology of Vietnam Television Station, and Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund collaborated with the District Party Committee and People's Committee of Tuan Giao district with the witness of the family. officially organized a Beer Festival on the heroic grave of Vu A Dinh hero. Tombstones write the content:

'Hero of the martyr of Vo A Dinh was born on September 12, 1934 in Pu Nhung, Tuan Giao and Dien Bien. Born on June 15, 1949. President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam awarded the title of Hero of the People's Armed Forces on November 8, 2000. Central Secretariat of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Young Pioneers decided to set up a Scholarship Fund for students and students of ethnic minorities in Vietnam, the Fund named Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund, on 5th / March 1999 ' .

Vu A Dinh's indomitable heroic sacrifice has entered history.

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