How to handle when the car

'Swimming' cars in the water are a frequent occurrence in the rainy season. Many dangerous situations can happen if you unfortunately encounter this situation. The following tips will help you prevent and handle when the car is submerged in water.

The first thing to avoid the risk is that the driver must go slowly and carefully , paying special attention to the bends, ready braking and steering.

Driving cars when roads are flooded

Obviously, the first thing to consider when driving in heavy rain is the driver should choose less flooded roads. If it is required to cross the road, completely turn off the AC system (air conditioner), especially for cars with the best floor number, it is necessary to install the vehicle at a high level of gas station over 2000 rounds / minute.

With automatic number cars with numbers D1, D2, and D3, switch to D1 and press the right scooter at all times, keeping the vehicle slow . Try to signal the other vehicle to go in the opposite direction to avoid speeding to avoid fast moving waves to get inside the machine, the risk will be even worse.

Picture 1 of How to handle when the car
Fast vehicle to create big waves (Photo: otofun)

Vehicles 4 - 7 take the number 1 with the station level and must avoid going too fast so as not to affect the participants on the road and do not create big waves easily cause water to spill into the machine, and the car over 12 seats should go number 2 press moderate gas with regular speed.

Avoid rushing into low-lying areas (the level of water over half of the tires with low roars) because the water will quickly be sucked into the air intake line of the machine, resulting in manual curvature, mechanical shaft damage, piston break or engine blockage. .

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(Photo: Otofun)

In case of force majeure, the road is flooded too deeply and the vehicle you cannot avoid in another direction should continue to keep the engine speed high to avoid water to the exhaust pipe, zoom into higher position, then turn off the engine quickly and thanks to the person pushing the car out of the sunken area, immediately check the air filter, the engine oil to prevent the water from entering. If the oil is accidentally sewn, it will turn into a strange color.

Note that if the car is ' dead ' the machine should not attempt to restart immediately. To be sure of not having a situation . curing ' good pigs into lame pigs '. The owner should immediately pull out the electric key and find a way to push the car up to the air, call a mechanic or rescue.

Always remember to cover the bonnet as soon as it rains heavily to prevent the electrical system from getting wet.

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Late car " death " in the middle of the deep water, beyond the ability to " wade " of the car (Photo: Autonet)

Driving cars on slippery roads, muddy puddles

The safest, you should slow down and do not redirect suddenly because if controlled with high speed, plus the impact of wet road surface easily lead to overturning consequences.

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The car has a muddy puddle

Due to rain, slippery road so when you want to stop or slow down to try to brake lightly, avoid hitting the steering wheel. It is easy to remember for drivers with ABS (anti-lock braking system), brake immediately and hold firmly. On the contrary, if the car does not have ABS, it is not advisable to brake suddenly, it will be easy to lose the car.

If unfortunately the wheel is submerged in the muddy, the effective option for this situation is to hold the steering wheel firmly, while loosening the accelerator pedal until the vehicle slows down.

Advice for motorcyclists

When driving on a flooded road, keep the scooter in place , and in the case of a digital car, try to go No. 2 as the car can create a strong steam, helping to prevent water from entering the exhaust. Depending on the extent of the flooded water, put the number accordingly. If the water goes up close to the exhaust pipe, leave the car on the third gear, and the exhaust pipe is too big to install the number 2.

Picture 5 of How to handle when the car

Note that if the water has entered the exhaust pipe, the driver still deliberately starts the engine, which will lead to a worse vehicle condition, complete dead engine. The best option is to turn off the engine immediately, take the car to the airy place.

Still turn off the engine, pedal repeatedly to let the water inside the exhaust pipe be pushed out, pedal continuously 6, 7 times and then turn the electric key on the pedal to continue until the engine explodes. If it does not explode, turn off the engine, check the room immediately if water enters into the air. Remove a dry towel and plastic pipe with a dry towel. Insert the bu-gi in the old location, and turn on the machine, restart.

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