Huge black hole swallowed the stars

A new study shows that giant black holes in the galaxy have swallowed stars to achieve maximum size.

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Many theories suggest that a black hole has a mass of millions to billions of solar masses due to the huge amount of gas, or in combination with other black holes.

Picture 1 of Huge black hole swallowed the stars
The star becomes a source of nurturing a giant black hole.

However, according to recent research, it is possible that black holes have grown in size by splitting the binary system - a system of two stars, and swallowing one of them.

This is seen as the main method that makes black holes super large.

When studying black holes, scientists rely on the 2005 "hypervelocity stars " discovery - stars moving at great speeds, enough to escape the gravitational pull of the galaxy center and into the cylinder.

These stars are derived from binary systems. The binary system is very close to the black hole at the center of the galaxy. The new theory is that a star in the system has been pushed away by the tidal attraction, and eventually becomes an attractive prey of the black hole.

Researchers have modeled every step of the process and come to the conclusion that stars are a source of "galactic monsters".

There are half of the stars in the universe belonging to the binary system. They exist in a lot of galaxies and other galaxies.

The results showed that the swallowing of stars in binary systems helped the black hole in the galaxy increase its size by two or three times.

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