Hybrid submarines can dive 300 meters deep

With the ability to dive underwater, Carapace allows passengers to see marine life while ensuring privacy for important meetings.

Picture 1 of Hybrid submarines can dive 300 meters deep
Design super luxury yacht with submarine.(Photo: CNN).

The hybrid ship that can move both surface and underwater is the idea of ​​naval architect Elena Nappi. Called Carapace , the yacht can dive to a depth of 300m for 10 days in a row, providing breathtaking views of marine life. Nappi, who came up with this innovative concept after years of maritime pilot research, said the design represents a "new yacht class ," combining the comfort of luxury yachts and "privacy." from " of submerged scrolling.

"The world of luxury submarines is one of the last frontiers in the field of testing, and perhaps hybrid will be the language of the future," Nappi said. "Yacht owners are always looking for innovative solutions to bring family and friends something special. Surely this type of diving journey is unprecedented in the superyacht market."

Carapace, powered by diesel - electric and fuel cell systems, has a very light aluminum construction with a length of 78m. The cruise will have 3 floors, including cabin, lounge, spa, bar and health club and many other amenities.

Nappi designs trains for private trips as well as business meetings. Currently, Carapace is just a concept and Nappi predicts it is a long way before this super yacht goes into operation."If compared to the automotive sector, it is not difficult for us to understand that the path to turning this type of yacht into a reality is still very far."

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