Boeing registered a patent for a submarine unmanned aircraft

Boeing's latest patent patent registration is an unmanned aircraft that can dive deep into the sea and continue its underwater journey.

Boeing's unmanned hybrid aircraft

UAV aircraft serve the purpose of military use and take off from aircraft carriers. As soon as the time is reached, a part of the wing will be separated to reduce drag.

Picture 1 of Boeing registered a patent for a submarine unmanned aircraft
Boeing's unmanned hybrid aircraft.(Photo: Science Alert.)

The plane can continue its reconnaissance journey before emerging to send a report to the base. Under the water, a floating tank will help the aircraft move along the journey with two propellers.

According to Boeing, unmanned aircraft and submarines are vehicles commonly used in dangerous situations for people or high costs. If equipped with cameras and sensors, they can act as an eye and ear for the operator at the base thousands of kilometers away.

Like any other patent registration, this only suggests that Boeing is considering and some ongoing research. It is not clear whether the company really wants to develop this aircraft.

Gizmodo reports that this is not the first time engineers have tried to build a hybrid between aircraft and submarines.The Soviet Union tried to build a submarine during World War II, but the design was not feasible. Reid flying submarine since 1962 is the closest example but it does not work well in both air and underwater.