Identify the drugs and their effects

Drugs are a threat to any nation or nation. From the original popular drugs like heroin, marijuana . today, synthetic drugs appear more and more and cause great harm to the health, spirit, physical and life of people use them.

While ordinary people only know about "drugs" in general, drug reality exists under all conditions. To avoid the dangers of drugs, it is very important to be aware of them. Let you have a more general view, We  Please summarize the overview of the most common drugs today and their harms.

1. Marijuana

Cannabis also known as marijuana / cannabis, grass, is a psychoactive drug from Cannabis used for medical or recreational purposes. The main nerve stimulant of marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol, one of 483 known compounds in this plant, including at least 65 other cannabinoids.

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Cannabis is a psychoactive drug from Cannabis plants.

Classification of cannabis: Marijuana is divided into three main categories, including:

  • Marijuana (dried leaves and flowers of marijuana plants): Marijuana has the strongest ingredient in the head of flowers with gray or green, shaped like hay or tea. This type is often questioned by people to smoke.
  • Hashish or hash (cannabis plastic): This is a dried and pressed cannabis plastic for sale in pieces, which are colored from light brown to black. This plastic is often mixed with cigarettes to smoke, but can also be put into food. It works better than the marijuana.
  • Hashish oil (Hashish oil): The solid oil made from marijuana resin is the strongest of the three types. They are often applied on the tip of a cigarette or on cigarette wrappers to smoke.

Illusions brought by marijuana

Mild dose:

If used in low doses, the hallucinogenic effect of cannabis will remain for 2 or 3 hours with manifestations such as:

  • Giving users a feeling of joy, comfort, relaxation;
  • Marijuana users are often hungry;
  • The heart rate is high, the eyes are often rhyme;
  • Marijuana users often lose their ability to concentrate and control;
  • Some people tend to talk more, others are thoughtful and less talkative.

Strong dose:

When using marijuana in a stronger dose, users often have the following symptoms:

  • Feeling confused, uncomfortable.
  • Emotions often break out strongly, difficult to control.
  • Often there are many hallucinations, feelings of anxiety, fear of many things around.

In addition, marijuana also damages memory (causing dementia); Affect manual operation such as vehicle control, machinery . These symptoms usually diminish and disappear when users stop using marijuana.

2. Cocaine

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Coca tree

Cocaine, also known as cocaine, is a drug made from coca leaves, has a needle-like, colorless and odorless taste, a slightly bitter taste and a slight numbness to the tip of the tongue.

Cocaine's Harm:

When using Cocain, users will have some expressions like:

  • Heart rate usually increases rapidly.
  • The pupils of the eyes dilate.
  • Blood pressure rises or decreases erratically (this expression is often very dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease).
  • Feeling nauseous.
  • Often easily agitated.
  • Long-term use often causes physical weakness.
  • If used overdose can lead to coma.
  • Cognitive disorder.

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Cocaine when prepared into crystals.

Cocaine is considered one of the most dangerous drugs available , only seconds after inhalation, cocaine will strongly affect the body. It prevents the brain from absorbing relaxing hormones, serotoin and dopamine. When blood can not be circulated, it accumulates in a place in the brain, causing inhibition of dilated pupils to create a strong sense of excitement.

The feeling of "approval" when using cocaine usually lasts from 5 to 30 minutes and it is important to have addictive effects, making people want to use more times.

3. Heroine

Heroin is an addictive substance extracted from poppy berries . Heroin is also known as white goods, heroin . It has inhibitory effect on reducing the activity of the brain and central nervous system. Heroin is most commonly used as an recreational drug that has a stimulating effect. Medically, it is used in some countries such as pain relievers or opioid replacement therapy.

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Heroin is usually in powder form, having different colors.


Heroin is usually in powder form, has different colors, depending on the purity. White heroin has a higher purity than brown, or ivory white. It is often used by people addicted by injecting, smoking, or inhaling.

Effects and consequences of Heroin use:

Immediate impact:

  • Users feel comfortable, happy like "going to the clouds".
  • Feeling nauseous or vomiting.
  • The copper shrinks.
  • Short breath.
  • Causing constipation, difficulty walking outside, solid stool.
  • Users often feel sleepy, or prolonged yawning.

Long-term consequences of Heroin:

  • Must constantly increase the dose to find "feel" and increasingly dependent on heroin.
  • Shock when used for too long, with too high doses.
  • Causing prolonged constipation.
  • Harmful to the vein if used by injection.
  • Makes users sick, sick and sick, causing many illnesses.
  • For women can cause menstrual disorders.
  • Causes skin abscess (pus bumps).
  • Men affect the ability to strengthen, women are difficult to have children.
  • Often leads to heart and lung diseases.

4. Methamphetamine (stone drug)

Rock drug, also known as stone, is a common name for synthetic drugs, containing methamphetamine and amphethamine, even niketamid, which is complexly blended from natural materials and various chemicals. in which the main, popular ingredient is methamphetamine.

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Rock drugs are classified as the most dangerous drugs in the world.


Methamphetamine (stone drug) is a crystalline, iridescent form like sweet or granular salt, which is classified as the most dangerous and most abusive drug in the world.

Harm of rock drugs:

  • Rock drugs are CNS stimulants, inhaled directly into the lungs. When first using the first time, users will feel excited, feeling energetic.
  • When used for a long time, users must increase the dose to find a satisfying feeling.
  • Often causes disorder, stimulates sexual desire. Users who use stone drugs can have sex for a long time without being tired. If not satisfied, the person who is "rocky" is prone to sexual assault.
  • Heavy drug users will suffer from schizophrenia with many symptoms such as restlessness, anxiety, fear, suspicion of people following them, wanting to harm or poison. This is the reason why "stone" objects often attack people around them (because it is a dangerous source).
  • There is usually a feeling of nerve fatigue that has been stimulated for a long time.
  • One of the most common side effects for stone drug users is the phenomenon of hearing loss - always seeing a strange noise in the ear or hearing someone talking, sending me to do something.
  • More seriously, stone drug users may be hallucinating (always obsessed with someone who wants to kill him or hear the bad sound of making evil). This is the cause of many cases of people who were "attacked by stone", causing projects to people around in recent times.
  • Rock drugs are more likely to cause addiction than traditional drugs and are more difficult to quit.

5. Ecstasy (Ecstasy)

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People often call ecstasy with many other names such as "moths", "cakes" .

Ecstasy is also called ecstasy. This is an MDMA synthetic drug (methylene dioxy methamphetamine) that has a psycho-stimulating effect. It increases the concentration of neurotransmitters such as Serotonin, Dopamine, Noradrenalin . causing neurons to be constantly stimulated, familiarized, addicted and secondary depletion.

In addition, players often call ecstasy with many other names such as "moths", "fly" "cakes", "candy", "peanuts", "crowns", "heart cages", or "wild dogs" ".


The ecstasy is often compressed and has different shapes and colors as you can see on the illustration.

Symptoms and harms of ecstasy:

  • The pupil is dilated.
  • There is no feeling of pain when affected.
  • Always thirsty for touch.
  • Change sleeping habits.
  • Can stay awake for many days.
  • Users often suffer from paranoia.

Side effects:

  • Causing nervous disorders, nerve degeneration, depression, anxiety, and memory loss.
  • Easy to have kidney failure.
  • Long-term brain damage, difficult to recover.
  • Cardiovascular collapse, causing severe seizures, can be fatal .

6. LSD (blade charm or letter stamp)

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This drug causes powerful hallucinations for users, at risk of death from shock.

LSD is an acronym for Lysergic acid diethylamide , which is one of the most common active ingredients in the shikigami group, causing a strong hallucination. This type of drug called "tongue charm" or "postage stamp" affects nerves, acts on mood, thoughts, emotions, causing strong hallucinations for users, at risk of death. in shock.

Existence form of LSD

People play LSD as "Blade charm", "postage stamp", "candy stick" . because they are soaked in small pieces of paper with pictures of cartoon characters, or funny shapes with colorful eyes. Each piece of LSD soaked paper is usually 1.5cm x 1.5cm in size. It is soluble in water and alcohol. It has a direct effect on the user's body through the taste-tongue organ.

Time to "stamp paper" dissolved in the mouth is usually 3 hours, LSD will work directly on the user's brain.

Harm of LSD

  • LSD users will experience loss of taste, insomnia, dry mouth, tremor, mood swings. Their sight also becomes more sensitive to some colors.
  • The first symptoms are mydriasis, erratic body temperature, blood pressure and disordered heart rate. Some people may even sweat like a bath, or feel chills.
  • May cause cardiovascular disease, muscle pain .

7. Ketamine

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Ketamine is a powerful paranoid substance with symptoms of visual disturbances.

Ketamine is a narcotic drug that reduces pain and causes short-term memory loss. This is a powerful paranoid substance with symptoms of visual disturbance, disorientation of space and time, not knowing who you are, what you are doing.

Usually people use or abbreviate Ketamine as "Ke".


Ketamine is usually in the form of inhaled powder, often using it in combination with other drugs such as Ecstasy (ecstasy) or cocaine or sprinkle them on marijuana.

Harmful effects of Ketamine

  • Users may be delirious, hallucinate, and lose feeling.
  • With high doses, ketamine can cause mobility problems, paralysis, and difficulty breathing, bleeding in the nose.
  • Overdose can cause apnea and death.
  • And of course this is a highly addictive compound and is also very difficult to detox.

8. American Grass (Synthetic marijuana)

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Fine grass is just the same substance as the ingredients in marijuana.

American Grass is a kind of dry herb blend, mixed with perfumed aroma and toxic synthetic chemicals . There are no ingredients of natural marijuana plants but only similar substances to the ingredients in marijuana; furthermore, the chemical components in the US grass are constantly changing, so it is difficult for users to know what is being taken into the body.


American grass is usually circulated in the form of dry, crushed herbs.

Harm of Grass America

  • The harm of Co My could be 1,000 times stronger than marijuana.
  • American grass causes brain poisoning, causes brain function paralysis, loss of awareness, and more serious death of the brain, leading to a coma state within a few minutes after smoking.
  • In addition, Co My can also cause mental disorders, continuous sleepiness or headache.
  • Increases heart rate, loss of ability to control movement if used with high doses or for a long time.
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