Identify the victim from the victim's eyes in the picture

Scientists at the University of Glasgow, Scotland have discovered that the more we can exploit data from ... the eyes of the victim in blackmail to help investigate the case.

According to the University of Glasgow study, zooming in on high resolution images can help create a low-resolution, focused image that will help identify the photographer or people. were present in the room at that time.

Picture 1 of Identify the victim from the victim's eyes in the picture

The reflective eye of the person being shot can produce small images, measuring 27 x 36 pixels. However, participants in the study said they were still able to recognize the face reflected in the eye.

"For the crimes the victim was photographed (such as kidnapping or child pornography), the victim's reflective eyes could help identify the attacker," said study co-author Rob Jenkins and Christie. Kerr said in his article on his research on PLoS One.

"One of the ways to extend this technique is to combine both images from the two eyes."

"Theoretically, these images contain two separate information channels that help to reproduce the 3D image of the environment from the perspective of the victim," the researchers said.

The camera used in the experiment was a 39-megapixel Hasselblad camera . The photographer was standing near the person who was taken and the room was very bright. Thanks to the megapixel race on smartphones, this technique can become more effective in the future.

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