Lower airplanes can reduce climate impacts by 59%

Getting airplanes lower than just 610 meters can cut the climate impact of the areas they fly in by a whopping 59%.

The researchers said that simply reducing the altitude of a few aircraft in the world can help reduce somewhat climate change.

Even researching only about 2% of flights will need adjustment.

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These white streaks often appear when the aircraft flies at a certain height (from about 10,000 meters or more).

Contrails (condensation lines) occur when hot exhaust air from an aircraft encounters cold, low-pressure air in the atmosphere. The moisture that condenses in the smoke forms ice particles that we see as white streaks in the sky.

White streaks in the sky created by aircraft often appear when the aircraft flies at a certain height (from about 10,000 meters or more). Hot, humid air flows from the engine of the aircraft will meet cold air overhead with very low temperature and steam pressure (temperatures can drop below -50 degrees Celsius).

This difference in temperature will cause the steam in the exhaust of the engine to condense and freeze, and inertia the flight path to form a long, sinuous, white cloud trail.

"According to our research, changing the altitude of a small number of flights can significantly reduce the climate impact of aviation problems. This new method can quickly reduce the impact. 'A small percentage of flights is responsible for the majority of climate impacts, meaning we can focus our attention on them,' said researcher Marc Stettler, from The Royal College in England says.

The researchers analyzed data from Japanese airspace over the course of six weeks. Data show that reductions in climate in border areas up to 59% can be achieved.

Some additional fuel will be consumed along the way, but this will be offset by reducing the condensation line formation and the warming it produces.

The researchers also added that the widespread adoption of cleaner jet fuel for altitude adjustments and that the terms' contribution to climate change could be reduced by up to 90%. However, with many variables further research into a wider dataset will be required to know for sure.

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