Mysterious remains of 140 warriors lie between the 'treasure' 3,200 years

The 3,200-year-old gold and copper artifacts brought archaeologists to the remains of 140 prehistoric warriors in the Tollense River Valley.

A remote and fierce expedition was re-enacted by an interesting German archaeological study published in the scientific journal Antiquity.

Some time ago, some bronze belongings, thought to be of a soldier who participated in the great battle in the Tollense River Valley around 1250 BC, were found in extremely good condition, lying still. in the mud of the river floor for 3,200 years.

Picture 1 of Mysterious remains of 140 warriors lie between the 'treasure' 3,200 years
Bronze treasures excavated at the bottom of the river - (photo courtesy of the research team).

A group of divers searched the area and found many other objects mixed with 140 sets of remains.Bronze items and some gold and bronze jewelry belonging to some non-native cultures suggest that they were equipped to travel a considerable distance to the battlefield.

According to researcher Thomas Terberger from the Lower Saxony State Archaeological Office in Hanover - Germany, these soldiers are expeditionary soldiers from the southern European countries. Highlights found include arrowheads, brooches, school uniforms, a belt-mounted box like expensive jewelry and gold rings, as well as some metals. scrap has been damaged more or less time. The only thing that was different was the copper sword, the weapon that the ancient southern Germans used.

Picture 2 of Mysterious remains of 140 warriors lie between the 'treasure' 3,200 years
The remains were discovered - (photo provided by the team).

Earlier, similar items were found in eastern France or the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic.

According to the authors, these factors show that the Bronze Age 3,200 years ago developed more modern forms of communication than previously thought: they had connections between extremely distant countries. far away, though it was negatively connected by the war. It was not a local battle between the tribes, but a large-scale battle.

Earlier, thousands of the same kind have been found scattered in the area since 1996. It is estimated that there were 4,000 people involved in the great battle of 1250 BC.

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