NASA said: Amazon forest fire has exceeded the continent

Below is a new chart that NASA has just released regarding the Amazon forest fire in Brazil, statistics from August 8-22. It can be seen that the green color bands have gradually turned to yellow and dark red - covering most of the upper part of South America. What does it indicate?

This is the level of carbon dioxide rising and spreading because the Amazon forest burns and is released into the atmosphere. Scientifically, Business Insider has two words "tragic" when seeing this image.

NASA used the Air Infrared Detector (AIRS) to measure CO2 at a height of 5,500m. The device is attached to Aqua satellites used to measure "atmospheric temperature and humidity, cloudiness and altitude, greenhouse gas concentrations and many other atmospheric phenomena" - according to NASA.

The unit of CO2 measurement here is ppbv (one billionth of a mass). Accordingly, the green areas represent CO 2 concentrations of 100 ppbv (100 parts per volume by weight), yellow from 120 ppbv and dark red from 160 ppbv. That is the average number, and the value at the "focal point" of the forest fire will be far superior.


NASA charts show that CO 2 levels have spiked, spreading from northwest Brazil to the southeastern part of the country and beyond. Although this amount of CO 2 "reigns" at a height of up to 5,500 m and has little effect on the air that people breathe daily, but strong winds can bring it down and devastate directly to air quality. Meanwhile, Brazilians will face another serious health risk.

Picture 1 of NASA said: Amazon forest fire has exceeded the continent

Photo NASA said: Amazon forest fire has exceeded the continent

After the death of forest trees will be air pollution, and human illness.(Photo: Reuters).

Globally, CO 2 is an important cause of air pollution and climate change. It can travel long distances and survive in the atmosphere for up to 1 month.

Earlier in the São Paulo megacity, the people were horrified to see the sky sinking in dusty clouds, turning into night due to the smoke from the wildfire. Deep in the burning Amazon forests, many tribal aborigines have lost all their assets, and moreover, the case of respiratory disease has escalated.

Picture 2 of NASA said: Amazon forest fire has exceeded the continent

Photo 2 NASA said: Amazon forest fire has exceeded the continent

São Paulo is black in the middle of the day like an apocalypse due to smoke from wildfires.(Photo: BBC).

In 2019, the number of Amazon forest fires rose to a record - reaching 72,843 cases, 80% higher than the same period last year. Scientists claim the main reason is human. In it, President Jair Bolsonaro is being criticized fiercely due to the policy of clearing forests for economic development - including encouraging mining, logging and farming without regard to the environment that is curving. bear.

Fire in the Amazon forest cannot be controlled due to the mid-dry season.(Photo: BBC)

Amazon is the largest tropical forest in the world, known as the "planet of the planet" because it provides huge amounts of oxygen to life on Earth. However, if not protected, soon Amazon will turn into a dry land and emit CO 2 at the level of "destruction" - a direct consequence of thousands of forest fires every day.

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