Lightning stone - the mysterious guest

In the night of thunder and rain, a bright, spherical object of the size of an orange or grapes flew through the window into the house, or glided across the yard, flashing for a few seconds, destroying furniture and disappearing, leaving behind after a strange sound and smell. That is lightning.

The mysterious phenomenon of dangerous lightning in nature

Phenomenal lightning phenomenon

For a long time, the phenomenon of lightning is not recognized. Many scientists claim that it is nothing more than an optical trick. But gradually, events show that lightning is a reality.

"Lightning clay" is an electricity phenomenon in the atmosphere that has not been explained. The term refers to bright objects, often spherical in size from pea size to several meters in diameter. It is often associated with thunderstorms, but lasts significantly longer than lightning flashes .

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Shale was once thought to be a rare phenomenon. Recent studies have shown that only a few percent of Americans have seen it. The photos of lightning are even more rare and the details provided by witnesses have many differences.Discharge can occur at any time during a heavy storm, sometimes from a lightning bolt, but most of them appear suddenly during good weather, without storms.

Lightning is often floating, hovering in the air and has a sphere, egg shape, water droplet or rod shape with a much larger size than the lightning bolt size. The largest observed size is 40-50 cm. Many of them are red to yellow, sometimes transparent and some also have rays emitted around.

In August 2013, US Air Force Academy researchers created and photographed bright white plasmoid spheres in the lab. These spheres are produced from high-power sparks, which are formed from electrodes that are partially submerged in electrolyte solution, they call this phenomenon " air pressure plasmoid like lightning" .


The team also discovered that local soil elements such as silicon, iron and calcium, also appear in clayeys. This implies, lightning is an interactive product between the lightning coming from the sky and the ground. The hypothesis was first published more than 10 years ago, but the new spectral analysis results validated this view.

Unusual characteristics

Lightning is often moving horizontally at a velocity of several meters per second. They can stand still in the air or swoop from the clouds to the ground. They rarely fly as if hot air balloons move in the air. Many reports describe them turning themselves while moving. Occasionally they prick up hard objects or on the ground.

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The mysterious phenomenon of "claystone" is still a headache for researchers

The 'behavior' of lightning is the most noticeable thing for scientists. Unlike ordinary lightning and other electrical phenomena, it does not 'pay attention' to wires, metal objects and water than poorly made or non-conductive objects. Instead it was a behavior similar to that controlled by curiosity and animal-sized intelligence: flying around and flying with people , 'discovering ' the rooms and hanging in the middle of objects like things to 'look' more clearly.

Lightning phenomena are even more mysterious when some witnesses claim they have seen them pass through materials that are thought to be very good as glass or composite.

Testimony of witnesses

' During the thunderstorm, I saw a large red sphere fly down from the sky. He rushed into my house, severed the phone cord, set fire to the window frame and fell into the water tank right below. A few minutes later, the water starts to boil and when the water cools down, I find it forever and see nothing in the safe '- a witness said.

Reverend John Henry Lehn is in his bathroom in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania (USA) in the midst of a thunderstorm when he sees a big yellow fireball just outside the window curtain. It silently passed through the curtain without tearing or damaging the curtain and circling around the Reverend's foot.

There were two boys staying in the rain under the cow's roof. Suddenly, on the poplar tree, a red fireball appeared. He jumped from one branch to another, lowered to the ground and rolled towards the stable. Small orange sparks flew from the sphere like a red hot iron. The two boys stood without moving. When the ball rolled close to them, a younger boy took a kick. The strange ball exploded with a shrill shriek. The two boys fell off, luckily they were alive. But of the 12 cows in the stable, 11 died.

Interestingly, announcements indicate that lightning clay is produced from metal objects. Meteorologist N. Nartunop once observed that lightning strikes from the phone box opened the lid. The fireball rolled across the floor and exploded. According to Konganop's report in Kolomana city, lightning strikes appear near the board of electricity meters during the discharge of chain lightning. It is also observed that lightning strikes from the electric lamp holder are not fitted with balls or electrical outlets.

Engineer I. Motsalop in the city of Nigioni Taghin also found that on the top of the valve the heating system of a small blue sphere began to form. At first, it was as small as pea. When the diameter increases to 4-6 cm, it leaves the edge of the steam fireplace and when passing under the table, stop near the nail tube. From that small sphere of spark came out, then it jumped up and continued to hover for a while under the table and explode.

Although capable of causing injury and death, it seems that lightning is very weak in treating people. In one case, lightning flew slowly across the yard, towards a table, where two children were playing. A boy kicked the ball and it exploded. As a result, lightning struck a little girl and touched the kitten sitting in her lap. The cat died instantly while the baby was safe.Many animals are killed by lightning, but people rarely suffer from such tragedies.

Most clay rock appears almost simultaneously with a lightning strike from the cloud to the ground. They appear a few meters from the ground. When they appeared without lightning, they flew even lower. People also observed the lightning flying high in the air and the lightning from a cloud flying to the ground.

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The mysterious phenomenon "lightning stone" in nature contains quite a lot of dangers


Lightning clay usually has a lifetime of no more than 5 seconds. A few cases exist for more than a minute.

Few people who observe lightning feel the heat of heat. However, many clay rocks burn objects or melt metal. The report of McNally in 1966 described a lightning strike against a water bottle with a hissing sound like when a piece of red-hot metal was dipped in water. Sometimes, they sound like a whistle. Many people smell a different , very harsh and contrasting odor, like the smell of ozone, sulfur fire or nitric oxide.

Lightning clay decays in one of two ways: silent or accompanied by an explosion. Exploding decay happens very quickly and comes with a loud bang. Silent decay can happen quickly or slowly. After decaying, sometimes lightning leaves a bit of fog or residue. Rarely observed a claystone decayed into two or more smaller rock lightning.