Central in the hot 39 degrees Celsius

From the beginning of June until now, the temperature in the central provinces continuously 35-38 degrees Celsius, some mountainous areas to 39 degrees Celsius. Hot sunshine caused people's lives to turn upside down.

In limestone areas such as Tuong Duong, Con Cuong, Quy Hop (Nghe An), Vu Quang, Duc Tho, Huong Khe (Ha Tinh), Dong Hoi (Quang Binh), the highest temperature in the day is always at 38- 39 degrees C. Particularly some communes like Hoa Binh, Thach Giam (Tuong Duong, Nghe An), Quy Hop town (Nghe An), the temperature sometimes reaches 40 degrees C.

During the period from 9-10 am to 15 pm, when the sun is pushed to the peak, the central roads are deserted. In Nghe An, people flock to Nguyen Tat Thanh and Cua Nam parks and along shady trees to escape the heat. Here, the parachute hammock, the chair is disordered. The stone benches in the park are completely occupied.

Hot sunshine caused many people's schedules to change. Mr. Nguyen Duc Minh, who works as a bike rickshaw driver in Vinh City, said that between morning and early afternoon it is often the most crowded, but now it is a time to avoid heat. " I had to work at dawn and late in the afternoon when the sun went out ," Minh said.

If forced to leave the street, many people have created ways to limit the burning. Mr. Nguyen Van Nam works as a bike repairer to add an umbrella behind the bike to fix the car. ' Many people see me attaching an umbrella to look curiously, but this is a book to cover the sun like a fire ,' Nam said.

Picture 1 of Central in the hot 39 degrees Celsius
Mr. Nam added an umbrella behind the bicycle to limit the heat. Photo: Nguyen Khoa.

Also with sun protection plan like Mr. Nam, Mr. Nguyen Dac Loc attached an umbrella right above the cyclo. Although somewhat entangled, the umbrella is "security" to help Mr. Loc to survive the hot and sunny days in Nghe An.

June is the time when rice is ripe, it must be harvested in time of the season, avoiding the coming flood season."In order to avoid heat, our farmers have to harvest from 2-3am or near evening. Tired but nonetheless happy because this year is the season, " said Nguyen Van Sau in Ngoc Son commune (Thanh Chuong, Nghe An). know.

At the central beaches like Sam Son (Thanh Hoa), Dien Thanh, Cua Lo (Nghe An), Xuan Thanh, Thien Cam (Ha Tinh), tourists flock to heat.

Meanwhile, according to the North Central Hydro-meteorological Forecasting Center , due to the influence of the southern edge of the low-pressure groove in combination with the hot-dry phasing effect, the North and Central Central provinces continue to experience hot sunshine. wide.