NASA scientist admits that

Professor Silvano P. Colombano from NASA's Ames Research Center in California, in a recent statement that aliens may have visited Earth and "cannot explain or reject".

According to Professor Silvano P. Colombano , aliens may look very different from what we expect and they can go very far - because we simply don't understand their technology.

Picture 1 of NASA scientist admits that
NASA experts have said that aliens may differ a lot from what we've ever thought of.

Colombano said that scientists on Earth are too preoccupied with modern technology of humans, so they neglected what is "small" around us.

Explaining this point, NASA researchers said that scientists should have a different look than what we often think of.

"Technology in our civilization just started about 10,000 years ago and has only seen the development of more advanced scientific methods in the last 500 years. Certainly for thousands of years, no one will know what will happen ' , Professor Silvano P. Colombano analyzed.

He added: "Even if the speed of light is still an unbreakable barrier, going through thousands of years of civilization, we can absolutely create journeys among why'.

In his paper, Professor Silvano P. Colombano also said that recent discoveries of Earth-like planets by the Kepler space telescope have brought more hope for studying space in the future. hybrid

In fact, NASA has long invested in the "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" program , however, the agency has never made any official assertions about it, thus with the statement of I, Professor Silvano P. Colombano, have received special attention.

Currently, NASA has not released any comment after Professor Silvano P. Colombano's statement.

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