New hypothesis about the apocalypse in September

After a series of failures over the years, some conspiracy supporters have just returned to the new apocalypse predictions, but NASA continues to reject it.

In a new statement, conspiracy theorists warned that the mysterious planet named Nibiru would destroy the earth by a raging collision in September. Specifically, the New Zealand Herald website quoted the house. Prediction based on the figures that appeared in the Bible David Meade said that 'earth killer' will end everything from September 20-23.

To further increase the weight of this prediction, Mr. Meade demonstrated his argument by sharing the clues shown on ancient Egyptian dharma. In the clip posted on YouTube, he said that the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Apocalypse of 12 all have similar clues about the omen of the apocalypse.

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An illustration of the apocalypse spread on YouTube.

Despite the lack of evidence for the existence of this hypothesis, according to the US Aerospace Agency (NASA), it is listed as a "hoax on the internet" , yet many still believe in the existence of the mysterious planet. hidden. Nibiru had been predicted to end the earth several times since 2003, and of course not once succeeded.

According to Mr. Meade, the so-called planet X , or Nibiru, will appear in the sky in mid-September before completing a terrible premonition.

Previously, he had predicted that the destruction event would take place in September using the Bible's clues, but now says that the fateful day is further determined by signs from the pyramid, according to MailOnline.

For example, the two tunnels in the Great Pyramid of Giza will point to certain celestial bodies after September 20. In it, the descending tunnel will point to the star Regulus, the largest star of the Lion, and the tunnel goes up towards Jupiter, which according to the Jews is the "planet of the Messiah" .

Mr. Meade's latest hypothesis has been updated based on a prediction in January this year about a star he calls the 'twins of the sun' , who is rushing to 'southbound'. Meade, author of Planet X: The return in 2017, said the star will carry a "seven bodies around it" , including Nibiru, a large blue planet.

On NASA's website, the agency has devoted itself to answering questions around the apocalypse that relate to the existence of a mysterious planet that scientists have never discovered. First, this hypothesis was used to predict an event of destruction in May 2003, but the world was still at peace.

Next, the annihilation day was moved by conspiracy theorists to December 2012, this time based on 'corn-like' clues because it was based on the Mayan ancient calendar. However, nothing happened again on December 21, 2012. And in the latest, the pyramid was also dragged into it.

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