Psychedelic fake souls that people often see ghosts?

One day you look in the mirror and see someone occupying your body. Is there a fake or are you suffering from Capgras syndrome?

In the famous horror film "Us" , director Peele has built the scary hairs situation that Wilson's family encountered. That is to be replaced by a copy of it. That just happened in the movie? In fact, since 1923, scientists have found a disease that causes people to "see" their rogue.

Do not recognize relatives because there are fake guys

In 2011, the Psychiatric Times reported on Mary (40) with a mental disorder, unable to continue caring for her daughter. Mary's daughter, Sarah (9 years old), according to her description, was detained by the Child Protection Center. The girl who was living with Mary was actually an imposter of an ill-fated daughter.

Thoughts made Mary scream often when Sarah approached, refusing to welcome her. Despite the reassurance and affirmations from the family, Mary screamed in pain: "This is not my daughter, please return her to me".

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People with Capgras often have delusions about fake people.(Photo: Nautil).

According to the initial assessment of treating doctors, Mary had an illusional disorder known as Capgras syndrome . This is not a rare disease but is often misdiagnosed to other mental illnesses.

Before Mary, since 1923 scientist Joseph Capgras and his partner Reboul-Lachaux have documented the same case. A woman in Paris described as bizarre manifestations that her husband and children were abducted, relatives living in the house were actually impostors.

This woman constantly insisted that she had a ghost and tried to prove that the man was not her husband. She resolutely divorces her "ghost" husband and takes the time to find a real relative.

In 1991, this expression was also seen with a 74-year-old woman when she confirmed that the man who slept with the bed every night was "a fake". Strangely, except for her husband, this woman recognized all the other members.

In some notes, many patients do not recognize themselves when looking in the mirror. In 2015, an old Frenchman "panicked" when he saw a stranger resembling his appearance to his figure in the mirror.

Decode mysterious syndrome

According to NCBI, the illusion of Capgras is a mental disorder that keeps patients living in the thoughts of loved ones being swapped with a fake with the same "original" appearance and gesture . The syndrome is named after Joseph Capgras - the first to discover and study it.

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The cause of Capgras is due to psychological and neurological injuries.(Photo: Nautil).

People with Capgras are often surrounded by a class of illusory beliefs related to identifying identities, characteristics of relatives, sometimes themselves. Capgras are often misdiagnosed as schizophrenia, temporary memory loss or brain injury.

Capgras syndrome is most often associated with Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Both of these diseases affect memory and can change the actual feeling of a person with the world around them. Brain injury can also be one of the causes of the disease.


According to Healthline, so far, Capgras treatments are still a mystery. Studies have only shown ways to reduce symptoms.

These treatments may include:

  • Use cholinesterase inhibitors, which help strengthen memory and neurotransmitters associated with memory and judgment, for dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Using antipsychotics and therapy for people with schizophrenia.
  • Surgery when patients experience brain damage or head injury.

However, the most effective treatment is to create a positive environment, creating a sense of security for patients.

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