Qin Shi Huang and 3 mysteries before his death

There is a theory that Qin Shi Huang, the first king unified China died of serious illness, but there are also people who say he was assassinated.

As the famous Emperor in China, Qin Shi Huang has long been dubbed the 'oldest heavenly emperor'.

This character is not only noticed by people, from human factors, private life, work, and crime but even his death with many unresolved mysteries also attracts the attention of many generations.

The Chinese "History Book" notes that Qin Shi Huang died on his patrol to the east.

However, to this day, historians of this country still exist two opposite views around this death. Accordingly, a line of opinion that, Qin King died of illness and the remaining opinion comments that he was dead.

Nghi died

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All rulers ruled astrology.

Qin Shi Huang acts also carry the Superior mandarin. Mong Du is the younger sibling, close to the king, but when the king became seriously ill, Mong Du was sent away. Scholars argue that Zhao Cao sought to send Mong Du away in order to eliminate courtiers around the king so that he could easily assassinate.

After the death of Qin Shi Huang, Zhao Cao convinced Ho Hoi to threaten Ta Cheng, Prime Minister Ly Tu, to fake a will and bring Ho Hoi to the throne. At the same time, these three men colluded to borrow the name of the king to criticize the filial son, Fei, who was unfaithful, causing them to commit suicide. From the manifestations and actions after Zhao Cao's death, scholars have grounds to suspect he conspired to kill the king.

Astrology predicts the death of Qin Shi Huang

The Chinese emperors identified themselves as "the angel", that is, the heaven. Because of this, all rulers ruled astrology. Special astronomical phenomena all appear in the will of heaven, the will of heaven can't be helped - the ancients conceived.

Astrologers, fearful of being killed, concealed the phenomenon: either sulfur or mindfulness. The ancients called Mars "flu or" or "mind", the "scorpion constellation" of modern astronomy.

Based on modern processing and algorithms, Chinese researchers have asserted in 210 BC that the year when Qin Shi Huang passed away, either sulfur or the center of gravity appeared. This phenomenon was considered "great hung chi million", a harbinger of great calamity, light, the Emperor lost the throne, serious, the king died.

Meteor falls

In 211 BC, close to the year of the reign of the Qin Dynasty, a meteorite fell to the Eastern District, a part of the Qin territory that bordered between the two states of Qin - Te, now in Puyang City, province. Henan (China).

On the meteorite, there were people engraved with the words 7 "Emperor Yellow Emperor", meaning that after Emperor Qin Shi Huang died, the nation would reappear in a war and the Qin Dynasty would perish.

Qin Shi Huang knew immediately sent people to investigate. However, no one claimed to have written the words so the king sent to kill all the people living nearby. The meteorite was then burned and ground into powder.

Jade fell into the river and then returned to the ominous leopard

In the Autumn of Qin Shi Huang's death, a messenger from Guan Dong traveled by night through the "Yin and Yang Flower Road " , while a jade man stopped the messenger, asking the messenger. He carried this jade in his hand and presented it to King Qin.

This person also said, "the golden king of the Zi Longzi, this year the Dragon Emperor will die. The messenger asked why this man had disappeared.

Qin Shi Huang, after being told by the messenger, understood that To Long was referring to himself. He let the person check the piece of jade when he was surprised to find out that it was a piece of jade when he was 28 years old Thuy Hoang dropped into the river to sacrifice to Thuy Than while out on patrol.

In 210 BC at the time of Qin Shi Huang's death, he also made the fifth and final tour of his life. He suddenly died at Sa Khau palace, the secret of the death of the king while outside the palace was later kept confidential by his relatives.

The secrets, the phenomena of spirituality, astronomy, nature and countless meandering around the life of Emperor Qin Shi Huang will still be praised and studied by the posterity of the posterity. In that contradictory block, we still recognize a great figure of the Chinese nation.

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