Video: Touch the dog to find the owner on the bus every day

The dog Huang Huang is becoming a famous figure in Chengdu (China), when he persevered in finding a lost owner on the bus for the past 15 days.

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After being lost from the owner, the dog named Huang Huang returned to the bus stop that was thought to have lost contact with its owner in Chengdu (China) to find the owner. Bus drivers say the dog spends about 10 hours a day searching for buses passing by.

When it was dark, the dog paused the search before losing to the night and returning the next morning.

According to a bus worker interviewed in the Science and Technology Daily newspaper, Huang Huang appeared at the bus stop outside Guangyan Temple in Chengdu City during the past 15 days.

'Every day I went through Guangyan temple 5 times and saw the dog boarding our bus to check , ' said a ticketer named Yang. 'At first, I thought it was looking for food, but then I realized that it was looking for the owner.'

Huang Huang is currently becoming a famous figure in Chengdu City, after a bus driver uses a phone to film a scene where he searches for the owner and uploads it to the internet. However, this loyal dog has not found its owner so far.

A bus driver named Raymond thought that he saw Huang Huang standing with his owner in the car park in front of Guangyan Temple about a month ago. But since then, he has not seen the owner of the dog.

Raymond said that he intends to take Huang Huang to the farm, but feels that it is too early.'We worry the dog's owner may be able to look for it and may come back. Such a loyal dog . Who wants to leave it? I hope it can soon reunite with the owner and not wait at the bus stop every day , 'Fung said.

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