Real - corrupted aliens

From around the middle of the 20th century, rumors about aliens have always been a hot topic at all times. There were many bodies of strange creatures discovered. Is it true that our friends seek outside the Earth?

So far, UFOs and aliens are still a question that humans cannot find the correct answer. Quite a number of cases of strange creatures believed to be aliens or related to the fairy world have been discovered.

However, further studies have shown that many bodies are found to be products created by humans themselves. Here are some "alien corpses" like that.

Aliens in the fridge

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Marta Yegorovnam - a woman living in Petrozavodsk city, Russia confirmed to a representative of the Karelian Academy of Sciences in Petrozavodsk that, two years ago, she heard a large object falling outside her house in the evening. . In the ruins of the accident, she found a dead creature.

This creature is about 61cm (2 feet) long, has a large head with 2 big eyes, a body that looks like fish and is similar to humans. Marta told the authorities that, when it appeared, it wore a space suit. When she returned home in the city center, she wrapped the corpse in a plastic bag and kept it in the refrigerator for 2 years before announcing it.

Michael Cohen, an aliens writer, said: "This may be a hoax, but it cannot rule out the possibility that this corpse is real."

Strange corpses on the snow

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In April 2011, while walking, two people in Siberia found an alien body in the snow. Many believe that this corpse was partially destroyed when a UFO (unidentified flying object) crashed into the nearby area of ​​Irkutsk. However, after the review, the researchers said that this "alien" was actually made from surrounded bread with chicken skin.

"Fetus" alien

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In February 2004, the County of Durham police, northern California (USA), reported a strange fetus that appeared in the back garden of a house. Detectives, forensic staff and a surgeon were also called in to investigate this shocking discovery. Contrary to expectations, the test results show that "alien fetus" is actually just a toy.

Aliens at Roswell

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In 1995, a man named Ray Santilli announced that he owned a video footage of an autopsy of an alien after a 1947 UFO accident at Roswell (USA). This video has caused a lot of buzz for a while. However, in 2006, Santilli corrected that the video was not real but was only reconstructed based on real events.

Two "fairies" in flowers

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The two bodies were confirmed as "two tiny fairies " living in Pon Naree flowers at Wat Phrapangmuni temple, near Sin Buri, north of Bangkok, Thailand. These two creatures are kept in a glass case at the temple. Believers believe that they come from a tree in Buddhist mythology that is capable of producing females like fruits.

Fairy life in the garden

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In 1917, two girls claimed to have captured the lives of the creatures thought to be fairies in their gardens. It was not until the late 1970s, Elsie Wright - one of the two people admitted that the so-called Cottingley fairy image and their fairy friends were actually cut from paper.

The fairy of the fairy has wings

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In 2007, a corpse of a strange creature had a human form but its size was just a hand, with wings on its back that was claimed by a man named Dan Baines in London as a fairy's body and sold. for £ 300. However, researchers later pointed out that this is just a scam in April Fool's Day.

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