Reptilian skull recreates 300 million years old

Scientists have recreated an unusual fossil excavating a Czech Republic coal mine into the skull of a species known as the reptile.

Picture 1 of Reptilian skull recreates 300 million years old
A. Cernansky / Comenius Bratislava University

The complete reconstruction of small bone fragments, collected in the Nřany basin, resulted in the skull of Gephyrostegus bohemicus .

This is a small lizard species that lived 308 million years ago, can be considered the first specimen of reptiles. Scientific analyzes on this specimen may provide explanations of the origin of the membrane creature.

The study was carried out by experts from Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia) and a group of scientists from the British Museum of Natural History and Lincoln University (England).

Their goal is to provide analysis of the relationship of ancient tetrapods in conjunction with their new observations of Gephyrostegus.

These analyzes use bone characteristics on the sample of the early tetrapod group to determine the features and characteristics that may be similar to Gephyrostegus.

The Daily Mail quoted Dr. Marcello Ruta from Lincoln University, one of the co-authors studying and creating skull sketches, saying Gephyrostegus is always "very elusive" . Some researchers have long believed that this reptile may be related to foot-web animals.