Found the dinosaur skull dating to 65 million years in the United States

A University of California student has just made a discovery to life, when he found the skull of a Triceratop dinosaur that lived about 65 million years ago.

According to USA Today, Harrison Duran, a biology student at the University of California, discovered a dinosaur skull , dating to 65 million years old in a barren land of North Dakota.

Picture 1 of Found the dinosaur skull dating to 65 million years in the United States
Harrison Duran and the 65 million-year-old dinosaur skull were found.

The dinosaur fossils were found in a state of overturning, when a part of the left horn was exposed. Fossils are surrounded by other tree fossils dating back to the Cretaceous period.

Harrison Duran said: "I can hardly express the excitement when I find the skull. I have liked dinosaurs since I was young, so this discovery has great significance."

Harrison Duran said he found fossils during a study trip with Michael Kjelland, a professor of biology at Mayville State University in North Dakota.

The dinosaur skull was found in Hell's Creek Castle, which was dubbed the treasure of fossils from many different eras.

The area includes Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming, where dinosaurs roam anywhere from more than 100 million to 23 million years ago.

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