Research shipwreck from the 18th century

Scientists dive into the ocean to sample the ancient shipwreck off Rhode Island.

Picture 1 of Research shipwreck from the 18th century
Part of the wreck is said to be HMS Endeavor.(Photo: Geek).

The mysterious wreck is likely HMS Endeavor, or Lord Sandwich , the famous ship that brought Captain James Cook to Australia in the 18th century, Geek reported on September 16. The ship was later used to transport soldiers during the American War of Independence, according to the Rhode Island Marine Archeology Project (RIMAP). It was one of 13 ships sunk in Newport harbor in 1778.

Scientists found the wreck last year. RIMAP, in collaboration with the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) and the SilentWorld Foundation (SWF), conduct several scuba diving trips this year. The team also published several 3D images of the wreck.

Picture 2 of Research shipwreck from the 18th century
3D image of shipbuilding wood.(Photo: Geek).

"Excavations uncovered a number of antiquities and structures that helped identify the ship as an 18th-century ship. Among the artifacts and specimens found were grooved wheels, pieces of wood, leather, cloth, glass, and pottery. , some samples of coal and rocks. These could not help identify the ship immediately , " said archaeologist James Hunter at ANMM. Experts need more research to confirm this is the famous ship of Captain James Cook.

"While it is very promising, we have not found any solid evidence that this is HMS Endeavor. More importantly, there is no evidence that it was another ship that was wrecked in Newport port in 1778," the representative said. RIMAP explains. Experts will conduct data and samples analysis in RIMAP's laboratory at Herreshoff Maritime Museum, Bristol.

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