Russian tanks turned into giant fruit peelers

Visitors at Russia's Army show 2019 recently had the opportunity to enjoy the extremely impressive performance of the Russian army. It was the scene of a Russian main battle tank cutting fruit into professional pieces no less than a chef. Russia's Army 2019 exhibition takes place at Kubinka, a suburb of Moscow.

The video shows the Russian T80U battle tank with a blade like walking at the top of a hot gun. The tank then approached a watermelon and began performing.

As a result, the tank-mounted blade has added watermelon, a pear and an apple. All the cuts are very sweet and it takes less than a few seconds to finish cutting.

Picture 1 of Russian tanks turned into giant fruit peelers
The blade doubles as a watermelon

Picture 2 of Russian tanks turned into giant fruit peelers
Super sweet apple cut

The performance showed that soldiers controlling tanks were very proficient and the main ability was almost exactly correct. If you think it's easy to control hot gun guns, things aren't as easy as you think. Modern tank models have a very long range and adjust guns so that hitting the target at a distance is not simple at all.

The T-80U is equipped with a 125mm 2A46 gun. The tank also features armor-piercing ammunition and 9M119 Refleks anti-tank missiles. The T-80U is a tank for the Cold War era and is still in the Russian military service. Initially the Russian military planned to replace the T-80U with new T-14 Armata tanks. However, due to high production costs and technical difficulties, the country still has to maintain the T-80U tank.

This is not the first time countries' military use tanks as a means to show off military capabilities and technology. Previously the US military used to show off its M1 Abrams tank, which could run on tequila. Tested to demonstrate the ability of gas turbine engine.

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