Secret mummy monkey head, I fish

Recently British researchers have published the truth about the origin of the mutated mermaid " fish monkey head ", which is unknown to science for a long time.

Researchers at St George's University and the Horniman Museum in London say mermaid mummies are made by fishermen in Japan and East Asia. While sailors bought them as a symbol of their luck at sea, circus artists bought them for the purpose of arousing curiosity in their performances.

Picture 1 of Secret mummy monkey head, I fish
Monkey head specimens of fish

At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists were shocked to see that these "monkey-headed" specimens looked very bizarre. Some said the mermaid was embalmed.

Later, researchers believe that the monkey's head has been sewn with the body of a fish. Therefore, it is called monkey fish.

In March 2011, they X-rayed a sample of monkey fish mummies at the Horniman Museum, revealing half of it connected from paper.

"Scientists have used modern technology such as CT scanners, microscopes, X-ray machines and 3D printers to investigate and clarify its structure , " said James Moffatt, Ph.D. explained at St George's school.

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