Smart seeds help farmers overcome climate change

British engineers have created an intelligent seed that not only enhances yield but also helps farmers overcome climate change.

Agricultural engineers at Brunel University, London, have introduced smart seeds and high-tech surveillance systems that applied artificial intelligence to operate automatically. With this new technology, soil, fertilizer, irrigation water and many other factors that help plants grow, . will be automatically monitored to improve productivity, reduce waste and help protect the environment better. .

Picture 1 of Smart seeds help farmers overcome climate change
Farmers are monitoring their smart vegetable fields through software on their phones.(Photo: Reuters)

Accordingly, the entire set of seeds integrated with technology will cost 118 USD (about 2.7 million VND). When planted, the seed will send a signal to the server to notify the indicators of environmental temperature, soil moisture as well as the conditions and growth factors of the tree.

Researcher Lorenzo Cucurachi, who is also the lead engineer of the project, said: 'These smart seeds are actually small, wireless devices with batteries and sensors to collect soil data and send. to the server in real time, thereby helping the computer system automatically adjust to achieve the highest crop efficiency. '

Picture 2 of Smart seeds help farmers overcome climate change
Close up of the process of intelligent seed installation to the ground.(Photo: Reuters)

Dr Tatiana Kalganova, electrical engineer of the project, said: 'The purpose of this device is to help the crop produce the highest efficiency but still ensure that the resources are not wasted, leading to environmental degradation. abuse. Due to the application of artificial intelligence, each data and analysis given is aggregated to make the device work more accurately. '

Farmers using this system will easily monitor their crops through data sent to the software on their computer or phone. The device will inform which crops are lacking in soil, lacking fertilizer and in particular how much deficiency.

But farmers also do not need to go to watering or manually spreading fertilizer, because the amount of shortage will be automatically made by the automatic irrigation equipment. The product is currently being tested in the UK and will soon be exported to India.

The team hopes its products will help farmers improve their economy by saving resources while achieving the highest efficiency, while the green planet is also better protected due to the amount of water used properly. Handling and not causing excess waste, toxic substances.

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