Something mysterious is ... whistling under the Caribbean Sea that science is having a headache

What is that? An ancient creature, or a more plausible solution?

The nature of scientists is to find solutions to the mysterious problems that exist in this world. The deep ocean is the most mysterious world today.

Recently, scientists have discovered another mysterious phenomenon in the Caribbean - which is famous as a place of piracy in the last century. It is a very low frequency sound, far from the threshold of human hearing. The problem is that scientists believe that the sound comes from something giant, mobile, to the point of creating strong waves in Earth's gravitational field.

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Scientists discover sounds like whistles in the Caribbean Sea.

This finding was made by experts from the University of Liverpool (UK), when the team was conducting a survey in the Caribbean Sea in the Atlantic Ocean. The original purpose was to examine the activity of the sea currents in the region - warm currents to Western Europe. But during the study, they discovered that the sound was described as "whistling" , because something of a large size emitted at the bottom of the sea.

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Huge monsters?

Currently, it is unclear whether this sound is caused by a living organism, or a natural process. Some opinions suggest that it may be a giant monster that has existed since prehistoric times. However, after assessing sea level, pressure and frequency of sound waves caused in the period 1958 - 2013, the sound ability of living creatures is actually very low.

Instead, the real culprit could be the sea itself . Sometimes, large waves in the area that hit the West may have affected the sea floor. This process caused the presence of waves to fade on the West Bank, while more clearly on the East Coast. Over time, waves slowly accumulate, amplify, producing a loud sound but at low frequencies.

The fact that a large amount of water is constantly moving back and forth also affects the region's magnetic field, and science can be observed on satellites.

"We can compare the activity of the Caribbean currents with the whistling sound. Whistling, the air flow through the mouth becomes unstable, stimulating resonant sound waves to match the mouth. And because of the cavity. mouth opens, new cumulative sound reaches the level you can hear " - quoted Chris Hughes, professor of ocean science at Liverpool University.

However, this is still a hypothesis and no official conclusions yet . In the meantime, the fictional fan still wears the imagination to fly away to some giant creature on the ocean floor.

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