Strange Christmas in Moscow: No snow

The people of Moscow have just experienced a Christmas

Winter in Moscow is often known for its snow-covered streets, lampposts, outdoor pines, people pulling out to ski resorts and falling below zero degrees to bring a chill to the cold. .

But this year, things are different.

In the past two weeks, the temperature of the Russian capital reached 4 degrees Celsius and is expected to rise to 7 degrees Celsius next week.

The absence of snow caused the ski resorts to close, and the first spring buds also began to bloom 3 months earlier than usual.

Picture 1 of Strange Christmas in Moscow: No snow Photo 1 of Strange Christmas in Moscow: No snow
Moscow people are experiencing the most strange winter in recent years when there is no snow.(Photo: AP).

Russian scientists have not yet come to a conclusion about this bizarre phenomenon, but many believe it to be the consequence of climate change.

President Putin at his annual press conference last week acknowledged global warming as a national disaster with a country that accounts for a fifth of its area in the Arctic.

He said that Russia's warming rate is 2.5% higher than many other places on the planet.

"For our country, this process is very serious," the Russian leader admitted.

The Kremlin boss warns climate change is a particular risk to many areas of Russia, saying buildings built on earth walls are permanent ice.

"There could be huge consequences if it melts ," Putin warned.

In the botanical garden of Moscow National University, azaleas, snow spots, saffron start to sprout.

" I have never seen this before ," said gardener Anton Dubenyuk.

" I like this weather, like a normal European winter ," said a visitor to the garden.

But another tourist felt this was unusual.

" I want snow because it protects the tree in winter, " the person said.

According to the Russian meteorological office Rosgidromet, Moscow, with a population of 12 million, is experiencing the hottest year in the last 150 years.

"Only in July is the temperature lower than normal. December is becoming warmer with temperatures higher than the average of about 10 degrees Celsius," said Anatoly Tsygankov, Rosgidromet's representative.

He did not mention climate change, saying that this unusual situation could be caused by a tornado coming from the Atlantic.

This summer, Russia's vast Siberian region was devastated by wildfires, which many experts believe are directly related to climate change .