Strange fish 'hate water' likes to run and climb trees!

Not only is it capable of breathing on land, this particular fish can walk, jump or even climb trees in an extremely flexible way!

The mudskipper is a member of the white goby family, found in many mangrove areas in the Indian-Pacific region, including Vietnam.

Picture 1 of Strange fish 'hate water' likes to run and climb trees!
The mudskipper can go, jump and even hang trees skillfully

The most special feature of the mudskipper is its ability to adapt to terrestrial habitats that are superior to other fish species. Accordingly, not only can maintain the ability to breathe for a long time, after leaving the water, this animal can go, dance and even hang trees skillfully, thanks to the pair of pectoral fins has been differentiated into a foot shape.

It can be said that mudskipper is a form of transition between fish and amphibians , which we can still encounter at the present time!

Discover this fish that likes to live on land in the video below:

  • Video: Watch the "great war" mudskipper on land
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