Strange light causes confusion in the sky of China

Strange light and shape changes constantly appear in the sky of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China causing confusion among people.

According to the daily mail, the incident took place around 4.20 am local time on December 22, but many people quickly took pictures of strange light and shared on social networks.

The light changed shape constantly causing confusion for residents. Someone even commented that he saw a true seven-pointed star, or someone assumed "alien is coming right?"

Picture 1 of Strange light causes confusion in the sky of China
Panic because strange light appeared in the sky of China.

However, experts at Zijinshan Observatory said that the strange light could be Venus , the brightest star can be seen from the Earth at night.

Mr. Zhang, who works in the Zhuantang residential area, said that when the light appeared, he was still working and he took out his phone to capture the sky.

Mr. Zhang said: "In the dark sky, the mysterious object flashed. It looked strange to the sight."

Many locals witnessed that strange light even transformed into a broken shape and turned into a circle again. But the mysterious light never shifted during the sky's appearance.

Zhang also said he saw a smaller object orbiting the light source and split it into two pieces.

Venus is one of the five most visible and visible stars from 4 am until sunrise. Four stars that can easily see without telescopes are Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

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