Super yachts look like killer whales

The Italian shipbuilding company reveals the first concept images of a luxury yacht inspired by the natural world.

Picture 1 of Super yachts look like killer whales
Conceptual version of Project Orca yacht.(Photo: Super Yacht Times).

The concept image shows Project Orca super yacht developed by Rosetti Superyachts company is mixed black and white typical of killer whales, with the highlight that two white plates on both sides of the boat can glow in the night and one The radar mast looks like the dorsal fin of the most successful predator in the ocean.

Rosetti Superyachts has not announced the specific price because the yacht is still in the prototype stage, but if you look at the features equipped, it certainly has a "not cheap" price, possibly up to millions of dollars.

Project Orca is described as a 4-storey yacht with a full pool, bar, spa, restaurant, gym and even a helicopter pad. It is 65 meters long and has a tonnage of 1,300 tons. The ship was equipped with two engines of 1398 kW, which allowed it to operate at a cruise speed of 12 knots.

Picture 2 of Super yachts look like killer whales
There are a swimming pool and a helicopter pad.(Photo: Super Yacht Times).

The luxury yacht of Rosetti Superyachts is designed to explore the Arctic and Antarctic waters with a range of up to 8,000km without refueling. It can carry 12 passengers and a crew of 14. Project Orca also has a garage large enough to accommodate several small boats and water bikes.

Rosetti Superyachts said they need at least three years to complete the yacht. The project also has the cooperation of design company Meccano Engineering.

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