Surprise the world's first spotted zebra

Unlike ordinary zebras, a tiny zebra variant with the world's first streaked and spotted spots has been discovered in Masai Mara (Kenya).

Unlike ordinary zebras, a small zebra wonder with the world's first star-streaked and spotted stripes was discovered in the wild in Masai Mara (Kenya). 

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The zebra's unique stripes make them one of the most familiar animals for humans.

Vertical stripes can help zebras hide in the grass by breaking its shape. In addition, even at a moderate distance, the striking stripe is combined with the existing gray color. Striped stripes can help to avoid confusing the enemy with movement camouflage - a group of standing or moving zebras. Moving close together can appear into a large mass of flickering stripes, making it more difficult for the lion to choose a target.

Zebra stripes also act as a visual and identification signal, helping to reduce the risk of straying. Although striped patterns are unique to each individual, zebras can recognize the herd thanks to the stripes. people them.

Zebra stripes are also used to cool zebras. The air can move faster through dark stripes that absorb light while moving slower through white stripes. This creates a convection around it to make the zebra cooler. One study also analyzed that more zebra stripes live in warmer environments.

Scientists have long verified that zebras help prevent flies carrying disease-causing pathogens, so it is not known if this new variant will help the newborn zebra to work use that?

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