The 10,000-year-old forest sinks under the sea

Remnants of the dense forest of ancient times discovered off Lithuania, can reveal much information about the end of the Ice Age.

Picture 1 of The 10,000-year-old forest sinks under the sea
Sea level rise in the Ice Age engulfed the ancient forest.(Photos: Pinterest).

Polish and Lithuanian researchers are exploring a 10,000-year-old forest submerged in the village of Juodkrante near the western coastal city of Klaipėda. During the survey last month, they took thousands of photos, including more than 3,000 photos of two big trees. Photos will be used to create 3D models of ancient forests.

Once a dense forest, the tree trunks were submerged at the end of the Renewal in the Ice Age. The Canh Tan started about 2.6 million years ago and ended 11,700 years ago. When the ice melted, the Baltic Sea rose, flooding large areas like this forest.

Earlier, the team from Klaipėda University discovered the forest when sweeping the seabed. They conducted research with experts from the Polish National Maritime Museum in Gdansk. They claim that the area may have been a place of human habitation and hope to find evidence of the primitive settlement of the people.

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