The 700-year-old sword is embedded in the rock at the bottom of the lake

Archaeologists identify the medieval sword, trying to figure out why it stuck to the underwater rock and for what purpose.

Divers swam to the place of the ancient sword.(Video: Sun).

The 14th-century sword was discovered beneath the river Vrbas, near the village of Rakovice in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The sword stuck to a rock 11 meters above the water and stuck there for years. The researchers called it the Excalibur sword according to the legend of King Arthur and identified it as an important archaeological discovery of the Middle Ages.

Ivana Pandzic, archaeologist and manager at the Srpska Republic Museum, said the sword needed special handling due to rust."This is the first sword found near the medieval city of Zvečaj, so it is both scientific and historically significant , " Pandzic said.

Picture 1 of The 700-year-old sword is embedded in the rock at the bottom of the lake
The sword is rusty due to the long period of immersion in water.(Photo: Sun).

According to Pandzic, only another sword of the same period was discovered in the Balkans in the past 90 years. Analysis of the blade shows that the item dates from the late 13th to early 15th centuries.

The location of the sword is near the ruins of a medieval castle in the city of Zvecaj, once the throne of Bosnian kings. After a long time, the castle was destroyed in 1777. Archaeologists are trying to determine why the sword was inserted into the rock and how.

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