The bigger the population, the faster the end of the world

According to the Hannover Foundation's calculation, 'World Population' (Weltbevokerung), the human population is now 6.89 billion people and continues to increase every 3 seconds, 80 million per year. By 2050, a population explosion will occur. Then…

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Human population is now overcrowded.

People will start killing each other because of a loaf of bread, a can of drinking water. That scary prospect can come true. The world economy will collapse.'The mission of the century' is to reduce poverty in threatened developing countries. Hunger is approaching. Even today, while the country is suffering from chronic conditions, the other country has a headache about increasing birth rates.

The food program aimed at population growth is seen as not achieving the desired results. In the opinion of sociologists, the results in 2050 were even worse.

In the post-Soviet period, population growth was high. If in Russia, the population growth is a dream, in the East the opposite - every child is born is a worry.

For example, China cannot have more than one child per family. In India, where living standards are relatively low, how to solve this problem is cruel. Many couples have to inject hormones to turn themselves into infertility.

If the population on the planet does not control, the benefits brought about by civilization will also be eliminated. Scientists say that, just 30 years later, people in developed countries will absorb hunger. The world is tending to focus on giant cities, alienating fields and mountains. Over time, reinforced concrete 'aquariums' to contain modern society will expand. Natural resources will be exhausted.

The shelters of thousands of cows and tens of thousands of sheep turned into urban areas. The cattle and the crowded sheep will be cut into meat, a source of food for some overcrowded people. Their next generation will be struggling because there is no grazing ground - the people have occupied it to expand the cities .

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Floods, droughts . all over the place are partly due to the rapid increase in population,
people must destroy the environment, exploit natural resources to serve
for the essential needs of life.

In addition, human production activities pollute and degrade the environment.Clean water becomes rare.Techniques cannot replace natural resources.On the ground full of hydroelectric plants, wind power stations and solar cells to satisfy the energy needs.The fertile land fields turned into desert.The result is climate change.Everyone feels global warming.

Every year, natural disasters kill hundreds of people.Tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, forest fires all over and over to the other place bring disaster to the poorest people on the planet.

To salvage the global death of humanity can only be found in compromise, learning how to live in harmony with nature.But in terms of a technological paradise, those tips are like a fantasy and are ignored.

The apocalypse is not due to the predicted meteorites that will destroy Earth but because of the uncontrollable population growth.