The camera can look bent over the corner of the wall

To do that, the camera must use a number of dedicated lenses and devices, which are not available in the mass market.

Camera appearance can be bent over the corner of the wall

Looking through the wall seemed to be something that only appeared in fictional movies. However, recently, we are increasingly witnessing the birth of many devices and methods to accomplish this.

While many research groups around the world use electromagnetic waves to pass through walls to track their subjects, a group of Heriot-Watt University scientists, Edinburgh, wants to approach a simpler approach. They developed a camera that was able to record light signals sensitively, allowing it to see around the corner.

Picture 1 of The camera can look bent over the corner of the wall
The camera looks around the corner in the experiment.

"This system works by sending a laser light source from the camera towards the hidden object or person. After that, the secondary signals are picked up for analysis" , Genevieve Gariepy, member The team said.

"Simply by measuring the time the light returns to the camera, we can know the exact distance of the subject. Recording the transition effects of light helps us know which direction the object is from. Will It only takes a few seconds for cameras to do this, so even if the subject moves at a high speed, we can still track them. "

In comparison with some previous methods also using lasers to locate the obscured object , the new method of scientists at Heriot-Watt University proved superior. Old methods require a relatively large response and decoding time. While the new camera allows all operations to record images within 1 second. It is basically suitable for most real-time applications.

To do that, the camera must be designed to use a number of dedicated lenses and devices, which are not available in the mass market. It allows the sensor to record the incredible position of individual photons by up to 20 billion frames per second.

Explain how to use the camera to look around the corner.

Laser, with a high orientation of monochromatic light, is used as the source of the experiment. The researchers placed the camera in parallel with one side of the wall. In the hidden corner, they put a foam mannequin.

When the laser beam is projected onto the floor, it starts broadcasting wave signals in space, hitting the human effigy at the hidden corner. After that, another secondary signal will be emitted by the dummy. The camera will record and analyze this signal to determine the position and direction of movement of the object.

"We have increased the distance that the camera can look around the corner for several meters," said Daniele Faccio, the team leader. "The group is focusing on a bigger goal, the ability to rebuild the object's three-dimensional image."

Although it is only at determining the position and direction of movement of the object, this technology has been able to be applied in disaster disaster areas. They can use cameras placed on planes and observe various hidden corners of the area, where every approach from the ground carries great risks and dangers. Another possible viable application is to integrate cameras on vehicles. With the ability to look around the corner, it will help to alert obstacles and reduce accidents that occur in dangerous hidden corners.

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