The 'electronic blade' was able to taste and distinguish liquids

Using sample matching technology, mechanically enhanced, electronic blades from IBM can find out the composition of liquids.

Previously, with Watson technology, IBM technology group created a convincing artificial brain. Now, the company has moved to other parts of the human body.

Developed by IBM Research computer scientists, the AI-powered electronic blade is a handheld device equipped with a special sensor that enables tasting and identification of different types of liquids.

Picture 1 of The 'electronic blade' was able to taste and distinguish liquids
Electronic blades help "taste" IBM liquids.(Photo: IBM).

"Portable blades" come in the form of a sensor array that will be embedded in different liquids to sample flavor and chemical composition. Using pattern matching technology, is enhanced by machine learning. It can find out the composition of the liquid based on the available data set.

In a meeting this week at the 11th World Scientific Journalist Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, the electronic tongue proved the ability by distinguishing bottled water brands. This device gives accurate and consistent results after many attempts.

A clear application for this technology will be in the food industry. This device can be used for things like wine sampling.

In fact, this tool can be used to check the source quality, origin and determine the liquid composition. In addition, it can also be used in medicine such as sampling biological substances, diagnosing urine samples.

The next step for the "handheld blade" project is to create a liquid data warehouse for different situations.

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