The fact that koalas save many animals from burning death

Researchers believe that reports of naked koalas dragging small animals into burrows to save them from wildfires have not been verified.

Greenpeace New Zealand said: "There are many reports from Australia confirming that countless small animals have survived thanks to the bare-nosed koalas, who have decided to share their wide and wide crib. Some even said they observed the naked koalas dragging other animals into the cave ". This organization confirmed that the above reports have not been verified.

Picture 1 of The fact that koalas save many animals from burning death
Cave structure of male koalas has good fire-fighting effect.(Photo: Unilad).

Jackie French, the director of The Wombat Foundation, is also skeptical of reports of other species' supportive behavior. According to French, this animal has very limited vision. They mainly focus on finding food and burrowing, so it is difficult to see clearly to drive small animals. However, French also does not eliminate that ability entirely.

"Barefoot koalas' behavior is usually restricted to eating, sleeping, and scratching itchy, but they show their ingenuity on rare occasions. I made friends with a topless koala 40 years ago and it led me to walk around the bush. But instead of driving me, he just waited and looked around to see if I followed , " French shared.

Bare-nosed koalas dig a complex cave that includes many niches and entrances. Their caves are usually very large, sometimes longer than 100 m. Deep and breathable cave structure protects the naked koalas from fires. Using camera traps, zoology students at the University of Melbourne recorded scenes of other species using a cave of koalas. However, the cave was so large and zigzagged that they rarely encountered each other.

According to Dr. Kath Handasyde, a native mammal ecologist and physiologist, the male koalas can be quite fastidious. If encountered a koala, it can chase the intruder out of the cave. However, French have seen naked male koalas share burrows with their fellow humans, snakes, kittens, possum animals, bandicoots, short beaked porcupines, kangaroos and many smaller species.

"Wallaby kangaroos also hide in bared koalas but they are concentrated only at large entrances and do not dare to go further , " French said.

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