The impressive UNESCO heritage in 2016

To be recognized as a World Heritage site, these locations must meet many criteria, such as "show a masterpiece of human creativity" or "unique natural beauty".

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Antigua Naval Shipyard and related archaeological sites, Antigua and Barbuda : Antigua Island has many Georgian naval structures and other structures in closed areas. African slaves built the British naval shipyard. The Navy used this place to protect planters who planted sugarcane during the period of European nations taking control of the Eastern Caribbean.
The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has added 21 works to the World Heritage list in its annual meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, from July 10-17.

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Modern Pampulha, Brazil : By architect Oscar Niemeyer and design artists, the Pampulha complex is the center of the urban garden project in 1940 in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Brazil's Minas Gerais state.The center is an impressive combination of architecture, landscape design and sculpture, including a casino, yacht club and church.

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Cape Mistaken, Canada : Located in southeastern Newfoundland Island, this narrow cliff formed 500 million years ago, but the world's largest large fossil collection.These fossils mark the appearance of complex organisms.

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Hubei God of Hubei, China : Hubei God of Hubei has the largest remaining primeval forest in Central China.It is also home to golden monkeys, giant salamanders, leopard brocades, Asian black bears and many other rare species.

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Chau Giang Cultural and Cultural Landscape Zone, China: Dating back to the 5th century BC to the 2nd century AD, the Louyue life in southwestern China is represented by 38 technology zones. stone art, depicting their life and rituals.

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Philippi Archaeological Site, Greece : Philippi ancient citadel is located in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace today, built by King Philip II in 356 BC.The area has a theater, funeral temple and a Roman hall.After the visit of the Apostle Paul in 49-50 AD, it became a Catholic center.

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Khangchendzonga National Park, India : Located in the middle of the Himalayas in the state of Sikkim, this national park has Khangchendzonga, the third highest mountain in the world, along with glaciers, meadows and lakes.Ethnic people living in Sikkim have rituals related to this mountain.

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Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico : This archipelago is part of a submerged mountain range, with 4 Socorro islands, San Benedicto, Roca Partida and Clarión.This is home to seabirds and wild animals.You can see whales, dolphins and sharks in the surrounding water.

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Nan Mado, Micronesia : With basalt and coral stone walls, Nan Madol has 99 artificial islands located on the southeastern coast of Pohnpei island.These artificial islands protect the stone palaces, temples, tombs and houses of the Saudeleur dynasty.

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Antequera dolmens, Spain : Built in the Neolithic and Bronze Age in Andalusia, Ela Romé's tombs of Menga, Viera and Tolos are important structures of prehistoric Europe. .

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The Gorham Cave complex, England : The Neanderthal's cultural history of tens of thousands of years is evident in this area of ​​Gibraltar.Archaeological and fossil evidence suggests that they often hunt birds and marine animals as food, using feathers to decorate.

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Le Corbusier's architectural work, many countries : Le Corbusier's architectural works are considered "excellent contributions to the modern movement", including 17 zones in 7 countries, including Notre- Dame du Haut in France.

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