The legend could not help laughing about March 8

International Women's Day 8/3 has come, in addition to preparing meaningful gifts for dear women, let's learn interesting things not everyone knows about this day.

Revenge on March 8

When women take initiative in affection

'New Men' magazine published on March 8 wrote: 'More and more women are too active in their affair. This makes men less excited '.

After reading this article, hundreds of young girls told themselves: 'Later, do you love any guy I will definitely force him to confess first'!

Make a woman 8/3

On the morning of March 8, she rushed to work with her daughter and told her big daughter: 'Today, I rushed to the meeting with the meeting of the Marathon to celebrate 8/3;

In the afternoon, when I saw my mother's cheeks, I wondered why she asked me to buy bacon, why buy beef? The big girl replied, "I told you to meet me, Dad and I only bought you!".

Advertising cannot stop laughing

Advertising of a vocational training center for women on the occasion of 8/3: Sign up for a flower and fruit growing class, especially to grow grapes to turn yourself into a 'family grape'. If you are a person who likes cooking, especially those that require lots of activities, sign up with us right away to become an 'astronaut'.

The wife disliked curiosity

Excerpts of a diary written on a man's blog:

'My wife is a wonderful person without any curiosity, as evidenced by the 8.3 day, I asked her what she likes to buy. My wife suddenly listed a series of: Valentino jacket, Louis Vuiton handbag, CK pants, Gucci glasses, L'Oreal cosmetics . ".

I was so shocked and uttered:

Oh my god, where do you think you dug out all that money to buy?

My wife said quietly:

Darling, I know that I don't have curiosity. I don't care where you take it!
You see, it is not necessarily good to get a wife who is unfavorable.

Are women saving?

People say: 'Women always save in wastefulness!' It is not always true, for example: When women choose bathing suits, swimsuits, women always tend to choose the least . the most expensive. Obviously in this, women are extremely economical!

Speech missed on March 8

One company, on the occasion of March 8, invited the women to wear long dresses and beautiful make-up, to gather a horizontal line for the boss to give gifts to each person. After handing out the present, he 'handed out an expression' as follows: 'On the occasion of the international women' s occasion, I hope you always create . Encourage the brothers to work passionately '.

Traditional 8/3 gifts

In another company, like lemon juice, 8-3 years, the boss also gave the women in the company bottles of shower gel. My sister was very bored, so she became impatient with the assistant of her boss.

As a result, on March 8, the women were given a very different, small, lovely gift and wrapped in small, fragrant square boxes. Thrilled people open gifts, so it is the cake . bath soap.

Post-war day 8/3

On the afternoon of March 8, the Australian Piter woke up after a night's sleep from 8 am. According to his habit, he went to the bathroom, when he came back he suddenly found 'what makes his man' suddenly burned and turned red. The eyes became very difficult to see and tears. Piter was extremely worried, not understanding what was going on.

Bringing the story to Piter's wife, wife, who was very angry, she asserted that he had been stealing with a cheap lady and receiving sickness. Piter vowed to swear to death that there was no such thing. Piter's wife said: 'If so, God punished you for some sin'. After self-reflection and self-criticism, Piter found only one possibility: He forgot (deliberately forgot?) Bought a gift of 8/3 for his wife. Repressing the burning sensation, Piter ran to a nearby supermarket to buy a gift from his wife to atone for the hope that God would forgive him. Strangely after doing that, burning symptoms gradually disappeared several hours later.

It was not until Piter learned that since he did not buy 8-3 gifts, his sister-in-law had sneaked out when he slept with a freshly concentrated chilli on his 10 fingers for hate. After Piter goes to the toilet, the above thing happens.


March 8 A student boy carries a girlfriend on a bicycle. Going away, he suddenly won the 'shy . é . right ' in front of a tea shop and turned back to ask:





That's it! This set of wins just changed that morning! And with that, he continued to ride away.

Jealous wife

He just got married again, is jealous. It was okay at home every day, and every night he went away, he took the ashes to the floor, from the door to the wife's bed.

One day visiting you plan to go back to sleep, but how did he come back, though he was half past midnight and climbed into bed to sleep. In the morning, he saw footprints, suspected adultery, did not say that he dragged his wife to fight. While hitting, ask:

Who's the footprint?

At first, the wife was still silent, after saying that it was too painful to say

Footprints of the dog guy! Going to visit you still come here to sleep.

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