The mysterious American X-37B aircraft returns to space

The Pentagon for the first time reveals quite a number of upcoming missions of the spacecraft that have performed top secret missions in the universe.

AFP May 7, citing US Air Force, said the X-37B spacecraft will be launched into space on May 16 during the sixth mission with a series of tests. X-37B will be launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral (Florida) and deploy the research satellite FalconSat-8 developed by the US Air Force Academy to conduct orbital tests. Besides, X-37B will carry a service compartment for the first time to meet the needs of many other tests.

Picture 1 of The mysterious American X-37B aircraft returns to space
X-37B during landing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, October 27, 2019.

Previous missions of the X-37B were kept secret, except for the meager information and images of the spacecraft on the ground. However, this time, Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett revealed that the US Space Forces will conduct a mission to optimize the unique capabilities of the X-37B and perform two tests of the US Aerospace Agency. (NASA).

Accordingly, the ship will assess the reaction of some materials in space environment and the impact of cosmic radiation on the seeds. Another experiment helps the Naval Research Laboratory study the conversion of solar energy into microwave radio frequency energy for transmission to Earth. 'This launch also represents a new limit in the reuse of space systems , ' Minister Barrett said.

The X-37B program was launched in 1999 with its first launch in 2010. The spacecraft has been in space for a total of 2,865 days, including 780 days in orbit in the most recent mission ending in October. / 2019. The X-37B is owned by the air force, but the Air Force was established in December 2019 and will take on the mission of launch, operation and landing this time.

According to Business Insider, the secretive nature of the X-37B missions has led to many speculations that the spacecraft participated in testing military technology in space involving the reconnaissance satellites. Some argue that the ship, which is only 320km from the ground, may be looking for ways to send reconnaissance satellites to lower orbit to record clear images, though this altitude will cause the satellites to consume energy. more.

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