The mysterious giant pink jellyfish appeared for the fourth time in history

A rare pink jellyfish has been seen off the coast of Italy and this is the fourth time in history anyone has ever seen this jellyfish.

The strange jellyfish, called "Drymonema dalmatinum," was filmed by amateur divers in the Miramare biosphere reserve, off Miramar, in the northeastern part of Bologna.

Picture 1 of The mysterious giant pink jellyfish appeared for the fourth time in history
Giant jellyfish with a rare color is rarely encountered in the world.

This is the largest and rarest jellyfish in the Mediterranean , having not been seen in the area since 2014. Previously it was thought to be extinct because it has not been seen since the year. 1945 and was first seen by scientist Ernst Haeckel in 1880.

"Drymonema dalmatinum" has large size compared to other common jellyfish: About 40 to 50 cm. During the shoot, divers must make sure to keep their distance as they are not really friendly creatures.

A researcher at the Miramare Biosphere Reserve said if you accidentally see a "Drymonema", you should "move immediately but you should feel honored to see such an creature".

"The fact that our divers discovered jellyfish on a regular patrol is really a special event. Drymonema was first seen off Dalmatia in 1880 by the German naturalist Ernst Haeckel and it was also seen in 1945. Later, it was discovered in Trieste Bay by one of our researchers in 2014, " said spokesman Miramare biosphere reserve.

"This is very rare. I feel astonished but I also feel as if I'm in the sight of a jellyfish. I feel like a jellyfish is smiling at me.

The jellyfish was huge, I was within range of touching it but I certainly didn't. I am very close, about 1m away. The whole meeting lasted about 20 to 30 minutes, " Kristian diver recounted the magical moment.

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