The patch helps diabetics with amputation

Mexican scientists have developed a patch containing gram negative Bdellovibrio to treat infections resistant to foot ulcers, helping to save thousands of diabetics from amputation.

According to Xinhua, Mexican scientists at the Central American National Polytechnic Institute have developed a patch to treat antibiotic-resistant infections caused by foot ulcers in diabetics. It is the unhealthy wounds that can easily become the shelter of dangerous bacteria, the consequences may be amputated.

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Bdellovibrio containing gram negative bacteria can inhibit the growth of other microorganisms.

The active ingredients in the patch are Bdellovibrio gram-negative bacteria , one of the notable characteristics that members can parasitize on other gram-negative bacteria and eat biological toxins, such as proteins and acids. nucleic, of their host. They can inhibit the growth of other microorganisms. At the same time, according to developers, they can quickly remove dangerous pathogens from wounds. Furthermore, bacteria work against the most resistant pathogens, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Currently the patch is in the testing phase. In the near future, scientists are hoping to switch to clinical trials.

According to scientists, the effectiveness of the patch varies depending on the severity of the infection. Obviously when the infection turns into gangrene, the patch will not work. But at an earlier stage of infection, the patch may be combined with antibiotics.

According to data published by health organizations on the 'Alliance for Diabetic Foot' forum , about 100,000 people in Mexico have been amputated due to diabetes, the second leading cause of death in Therefore, it is imperative to seek ways to remove microorganisms in the foot of the diabetic foot infection, Christian Mariel Saenz Santos, a biotechnology expert at the National Polytechnic Institute. Chinese American experts insist that health professionals can only use patches or combine it with antibiotics when treating different patients.

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