The secret to helping Israel raise fish in the desert

The difficulties turned into advantages thanks to the talented minds of Israeli engineers.

With more than half of the area being deserted, there are no natural conditions favorable for agriculture, but Israel can not only provide enough fish for domestic needs but also export to many other countries around the world. world.

The secret lies in the modern technology that the Israelis use that make the country a world leader in agricultural technology, a technology that allows fish to be farmed in the desert.

Picture 1 of The secret to helping Israel raise fish in the desert
Israel turns the desert into a fish farm.

Israel is known as the 'Silicon valley' of the world in the field of agriculture. Indeed, although only 1.7% of the country's people are engaged in agriculture, the country exports about 3.5 billion USD of agricultural products annually.

The government of this country pays special attention to agricultural and aquaculture projects when up to 24% of the total amount of government support is for these projects. In addition, businesses in the industry are also exempt from all import taxes.

The secret of the technology of fish farming in the desert

The first secret is how they apply science to production with 95% science and only 5% human labor.

Israeli engineers have built devices that allow them to raise fish anywhere on Earth, including arid deserts. Since then, producing up to 20,000 tons of fish per year with a turnover of 70 million USD/year.

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Israeli engineers have turned difficulties into advantages.

To supply water for fish farms, engineers drilled into the desert up to 800m (the length of 10 football fields) but found very warm and salty water. It seemed that this was a difficulty that caused the engineers to give up fish farming, but they found a new solution.

The solution of this problem is to switch to raising warm water fish (carp, tilapia, grass carp, flathead fish, sea bass.). Accordingly, water will be pumped into reservoirs and will be recirculated in a closed cycle as follows.

Picture 3 of The secret to helping Israel raise fish in the desert
An aquarium with a recirculating water treatment system.

The waste or water (will be reused 99%) from the aquarium can be used to make nutrients for plants. This closed system will be cleaned once a year to ensure water quality and avoid sludge or sludge generation.

Israel's desert fish farm

With this model, adverse factors from nature such as weather, fish, wildlife. will be eliminated. In addition, the risk of disease is also minimized because the aquariums are completely independent of each other.

Summary: It is thanks to their talented minds and know how to maximize the benefits of every drop of water, that the Israelis have made the impossible possible and done the thing that makes the whole world admire.