The shocking truth in the ancient tomb was found in Poland

A burial site from prehistoric times revealed a brutal massacre of women and children of a large family in Poland 4,800 years ago.

That is the theory given by the researchers when analyzing the remains of a group of 15 prehistoric people discovered near Koszyce village , a town in Proszowice County, Voivodeship in southern Poland.

The burial place of these tragic fate has no details of the bones of an adult man and experts say women and children in the grave were killed while men were away.

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The remains are found in ancient tombs in Poland.

They assume that the men of this family returned from a trip, perhaps a hunting expedition, to search for their families after being slaughtered by the hands of a rival rival violence.

The surviving warriors carefully reorganized the remains of their loved ones, mothers in a position to hold their babies, accompanied by jewelry and pets.

Reveal the truth

Earlier excavations in 2011 discovered a mass grave, where the bones were smashed and the skull cut showed that they had suffered a painful and terrible death.

The bone analysis of the dead showed that they all came from a group of families related to each other that lived around 2800 BC. Four of the women were buried together with their children and among the men in the pit, four were half-brothers.

Looking at how the fortunate loved ones who escaped the massacre of burial for the ill-fated people in the tomb were all heartbroken. A middle-aged woman is placed next to her two young sons and a mother between the ages of 30 and 35 is allowed to lie down with her teenage daughter and her five-year-old son.

The reason why there are so many men involved is still absent from the tomb, but according to speculation, a large group may have hunted or worked on farm work.

Many goods were also found at the site and looking at the pile of goods showed that these people belonged to the Globular Amphora culture .

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This image illustrates how bodies are found and their relationship with each other.(Photo Dailymail).

Analyzing the genome found in the grave, these people are farmers and according to research published in the American National Academy of Science's multidisciplinary scientific journal, Corded Ware people can blame an object of this disgusting act.

Straits shared by DNA but Corded Ware at that time flourished and expanded rapidly across Europe. This may have led to slaughter from neighbors. The people of Corded Ware are said to have lived intermingled and integrated with the Yamnaya people, who are considered the most violent group of people who lived at that time.

Yamnaya culture emerged around 3300 - 2600 BC in the steppe of Europe and quickly spread throughout the rest of the continent, destroying cultures and interference.

Ancient DNA shows that these migrants are nurtured quite well, tall and muscular. Some archaeologists also claim that the warrior tribe consists of many elite knights.

'It seems that they live mainly by eating meat and milk products' - Ms. Kristian Kristiansen at the University of Gothenburg interviewed with New Scienceist magazine. 'They are healthier and have a physically strong body'.

Who is the Globular Amphora race?

Globular Amphora people lived between 3400 and 2800 BC in Central Europe. They existed at the same time as the Corded Ware and Yamnaya people and were mainly farmers who traded and raised livestock - especially pigs. Researchers have found evidence that their area is very small, primitive and temporary.

The burial culture is also very impressive, with well-excavated burial pits and customary use of buried gifts with dead people often including animal remains and sacrifices.

They shared DNA with Corded Ware people who were thriving and expanding rapidly across Europe.

These people also reproduced and merged with Yamna culture when invaded by the Yamnaya tribe from the West, ruthless barbaric murderers swept across the continent.

Some argue that this suggests that the invasion of Yamnaya had slaughtered all men, and women raped them to quickly reproduce, following the evil blood of the Yamnaya.

Such brutal acts of aggression and murder will undoubtedly cause some minor indignation in the Stone Age society and they need to do something to restrain the increasingly powerful Yamnaya force. .

Evidence of a war against the Yamnaya empire was discovered from an archaeological site in Germany named Eulau .

Here, the tombs were found to be a burial place for a large number of women and children.

The isotopic analysis of adult teeth shows that they are not actually local people in the area and grew up elsewhere before moving in - likely the women captured by Yamnaya people.

Of the 13 corpses at the site, five of them were injured and it is likely that this was the cause of their deaths and experts confirmed this could also be evidence that they were ambushed and Massacre by rival tribes in a revenge attack.

Tribal men are likely to leave the site to take care of the cattle when the raid is launched, making women and children unable to defend.

Eulau is an example of a revenge from the scorned locals, but experts also warned that the event also had quite unusual details, and many mysteries would be revealed in future.

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