The spacecraft can go at the speed of light

According to Manasvi Lingam and Abraham Loeb, two leading professors at Harvard University, supernovas can be used to push the speed of spacecraft to the speed of light.

They suggested that if an extremely advanced spacecraft were built that could harness the power of these natural phenomena, humans could achieve what was deemed impossible.

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The two professors thought that theoretically, supernovae could have special effects if they knew how to exploit them.

Similar to a sailing boat, it is thought that humans could create a Sun sail or a magnetic sail that could effectively propel a ship at the speed of light.

Specifically, electromagnetic radiation from the supernova will be used (the supernova explosion of a star) to create thrust to power the spacecraft.

This relies on electromagnetic radiation to exert pressure against the highly reflective sail, creating thrust that means no engine fuel is needed. The energy and brightness generated by a supernova are like what a billion Suns will produce in a month.

Research by two leading professors said this could happen if technology was developed in the coming years.

Lingam, lead author of the study, said: 'We have developed mathematical models to determine the maximum speed that can be achieved by light and electric sails. The maximum speed varies depending on the dynamics used as well as the astronomical objects under review. '

But there are some major obstacles to overcome if a plan like theirs is feasible in the future. This includes the supernova prediction problem, which is not only extremely rare but also almost impossible to accurately predict.

Experts have predicted that they are within a million years. In addition, a spacecraft will need to be built to deal with friction coming from the gas around the star that is about to explode.

And finally it is almost certain that this theoretical mission will use an unmanned spacecraft because it seems beyond the ability of humans to survive at such a relative speed.

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